Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cardiology Visit

Updated: Tanner is home and did very well...I think it was all the purring from you guys! No remarkable changes to the heart, just some mild progression. No med changes. Weight stayed the same, so they were pleased. He is very happy to be home, and is just walking around purring up a storm...of course he is pretty drugged looking still, so that may have something to do with his mood :)

Today, Tanner is hanging out at the Vet School getting his annual Cardiology exam done. Tanner has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) with a grade 3 murmur. These pictures are all from a few years ago, but he'll spend some time in the exam room, and then head back for his procedures.
Model of a heart...I think this is actually a dog heart.
Looking around wondering what they are going to do next...he hates having his blood pressure checked, because they put the cuff on the tail, near to top and give it a good squeeze.
Not real happy to be here, but he does pretty well for them. The visit is a long one, about 6 hours. He's always ready to leave when the day is over, and is so happy to be home :)

Thanks for your purrs today for a quick visit and a calm Tanner...we appreciate all your support.


  1. We B thinkin' of Tanner today as we have to have our yearly Cardio visits too to monitor our heart health as our mewmie worries about HCM, too. So far, so good with all us current Furrydance cats!

  2. Purring for Tanner! We have never been to our local vet school, but our mom used to take one of our Rainbow Bridge kitties there, and she says it takes FOREVER - not much fun.

    xxx from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  3. Me and Charlie continue to send beautiful Tanner waves and waves of healing purrs and hugs!

    We hope he his back soon and is ok!

    Take care

  4. Continued purrs to Tanner! Paws and fingers crossed all will be well!

  5. I wouldn't want that thing on my tail either. But you look as if you are being very brave.

    Take care..... *nosetaps*

  6. Purring super strong for you Tanner! You'll be home soon!

  7. We're purring and purraying super hard for Tanner today!!!

  8. We are purring like crazy for you sweet Tanner!

  9. Good luck, Tanner! I remember when Pixie had to see the cardiologist every 6 months and she would get an echocardiogram. She did not like it very much!

  10. Hurrah! It's all over with for a while, Tanner. Good news from the vet, too. We're very pleased for you.

    Enjoy the spotted pink mousies until the drugs wear off...MOL!

  11. Tanner, we're glad your cardiology visit went well. Now take it've had a long day!!

  12. Glad everything went well for Tanner.


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