Friday, May 14, 2010

Smokey's Gotcha Day

14 Years ago today, Smokey came to live with me...I have been blessed!
I wrote a lot about his gotcha story for his birthday this can read it here.

Smokey is a sweetie pie, and such a gentle spirit. He is the peace maker in the house, and will come running if there is an argument amongst his brothers.

We will have a small party, since large crowds make Smokey a bit nervous still....but I want to thank you all for coming. Enjoy the food, brought to you from Japan!
We'll break out the Sake for the adults to sample...
Yakisoba...grilled noodles with a fried egg on top...yummy!
Yummy seafood appetizer with shrimp heads and all...
Takoyaki...Octopus can eat them and play with them!
For the less adventurous kitties...some nice canned Sardines :)
Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed the yummy treats!!


  1. A very happy Gotcha Day to Smokey!

    We hope you have a fabulous celebration; we'll be right over and bring some catnip buds and a variety of treats too. :-)

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Smokey! We hope to celebrate many more with you in the future. :)

    Thanks for all the great food. Yakisoba and takoyaki are so yummy!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Smokey! What a sweet little baby you were.

  4. A furry happy Gotcha Day Smokey!

    And we hope for many many more.


  5. Happy Gotcha Day to Smokey - black cats are sooo cool! Great party!

  6. Happy 14th Gotcha Day, Smokey!!!!

    What a grand party! xxxxxxxxxf

  7. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Smokey!! What a great party this is - it is very fancy with all the Japanese food!

    We hope you have a wonderful, fun day!!

  8. Awww Smokey - look at you all gorgeous and floofy when you were so tiny 14 years ago!

    Me and Charlie hope you have a wonderful Japanese themed Gotcha Day! Look at those octopus balls!!

    Have a lovely day - you are a very special beautiful kitty.

    Take care

  9. A very happy gotcha day Smokey! We're happy you have a wonderful forever home! xoxo

  10. Happy Gotchya Day, Smokey! WOW! Japanese foods? mmmmmmm, we LOVE it! Thanx for having us over today and we hope you get lots of treats, toys, noms, and 'nip! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Smokey!! What a fun party!

  12. Happy Gotcha Day Smokey...We'll just leave dis bucket of nip over here and enjoy some of dat deelishus food, thanks!

  13. Oh Smokey, Happy Gotcha Day to you!!!

  14. Happy 14th Gotcha Day, Smokey! Don't worry, we won't crowd you -- we'll just stop by for a nosh and to wish you many more Gotcha Days in the future.

    The food is simply exquisite! Thanks!

  15. Yummy! What a spread. Happy Gotcha Day!

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Smokey! We'll stop over one atta time. Alla us at once is quite a crowd!
    Here's a jar of moths to play with once it gets dark...and "Domo" for the sardines1

  17. Happy Gotcha' Day! Those days are the very best days!!!

  18. We missed your Gotcha Day! Are there any Octopus balls left...they sound both fun and yummy!

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Smokey! I'm very glad you were gotted.


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