Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smokey's Fun Facts

Smokey here today and I saw how everyone loved reading about Tanner and thought I'd give it a try...
1) I am 14 years old
2) My paws are starting to get some white hairs...I think that makes me more distinguished.
3) My belly is still bald from where I licked my hair off in September
4) I love to drink out of mom's water glass...she doesn't seem to mind, as long as I don't put my feet in it.
5) Mom says I am the best pottier we have...I dig AND cover
6) I enjoy being chased around the house by mom
7) I love tuna juice, although we don't get it as often as we should
8) I hardly ever get on the counters, like my brothers, who are most unruly
9) I will forget my manners if there is a rotisserie chicken on the table
10) I used to gag when I smelled said she could have won money on that Funniest Video show if she could have taped it.
11) I once stole a package of hot chocolate mix from the pantry and bit into it
12) I fell off of the second story balcony when I was a kitten and landed in a bush below...Auntie rescued me, no harm done.
13) I love to cuddle with stuffed animals
14) I share mom's pillow with her at night...she loves it!

Well there are a few fun facts about me today...hope you enjoyed them!


  1. I like to drink Mom's water too (with my paw in the glass for no good reason), right after I dig and cover so she end up putting that water into the plants and getting herself a new glass--David.

  2. We loved reading about you, Smokey!

    BTW, Annie loves our human to chase her around the house too; it's one of her favourite games! :-)

  3. Awwww Smokey!!

    What lovely fun facts about you! You are definitely very distinguished with your white hairs growing on your paws. You are a true gentlemanly kitty!

    Take care

  4. Thanx so much for sharing a lot about yourself, Smokey! Skeeter LOVES to drink out of mom's glass too! Mom also let's her do it. Dad yells at mom for that, but she doesn't listen!

  5. Your mama is so lucky to have such a cool kitty like you!

  6. Loved learning more about you, are one awesome dude!!!!!

  7. Wow those were very interesting Smokey! We think the white hairs sound very distinguished. And Barney has a bald belly from licking too (we think he still does it). But we love the hot chocolate fact the best because it is the funniest (and because it is naughty)!!

  8. I sure did enjoy learning more about you too Smokey! Glad that fall into the bush turned out OK.

  9. Thanks for sharing those facts about yourself, Smokey. It's always nice to learn more about our friends!

  10. Great to learn more about you.

  11. Hi Smokey,

    We loved learning about you. KonaKitty licks her tummy bald, and has done for at least ten years!

    Mommy is impressed with your potty skills. Some of us are in such a hurry we "go & go", she calls it.

    And of course, kitty spit has magical curative powers. Everybody knows that!

  12. We enjoyed learning more about you Smokey!! I'm the good pottier in this says I dig to China!


  13. I liked getting to know you better. I thought #5 was funny :) We like to get in and out of the box FAST!

  14. We especially like that you stole the package of hot chocolate mix and bit into it!! hahaha!! Mom says chocolate is good, but we still can't figure out why..we think it smells bad and not at all like something liver. We like that you have gray hairs around your cool. Tiny is 15 and a half, but she doesn't have any gray hairs yet...or at least we can't see them because she has many different colors. We think you are really pretty! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  15. I used to love being chased around the house by my OTW; we'd play tag and take turns. But then Persephone came to live with us and it makes her upset, and I don't want to anymore because I have to check every corner carefully for Red Menesises. Your white paw furs are very dignified. I have them too. It means we are Elder Statescats!


  16. Happy Gotcha day Smokey! I love yur fun facks. Snuggling on da pillow wif yur mom is great huh?

  17. Quite a life you have led, Smokey! We liked reading more about you!


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