Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun Facts about Devon

Devon here today, and I see the attention my brothers got last week when they posted facts about themselves. I can't be outdone, so saving the best for last...here I go. I will do 9 things, since I will be turning 9 this year.
1) I was found in the woods at 10 days old and bottle raised by my God-mother, until I was adopted at 5 weeks old by mom.
2) I was cryptorchid, so my hoo-ha's had not dropped properly...the vet had to go fishing for them in my belly.
3) I have lived in 5 places...my godmothers, an apartment, a townhouse, another apartment and now our house.
4) I love to rub on the bread bag and will beg to be held in the pantry so I can.
5) I enjoy watching tv with mom
6) Sometimes I forget to squat when I am pottying and go all over the floor. Mom says I'm a dancing fool.
7) I have spent the night in a hotel. This was when I was in my godmothers wedding, as the ring bearer.
8) I love to hatch my nip nanner in the evenings
9) I do not move when I sleep. At my godmothers house there were two greyhounds that I would cuddle with...they would growl at me if I wiggled. I do not like to be messed with when I sleep. I curl in a tight ball and lay very still the whole night.

Well, there you have it...9 fun facts about glorious me! Hope you enjoyed...what am I saying, of course you did.



  1. Devon, you are one cool kitty!

  2. Devon, Dude! You are a cat about town! A ring bearer! That is so cool!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. We loved the fun facts about you, Devon....wow, a ring bearer???????? xxxxxxxx

  4. Those were certainly fun and it is nice to learn more about you Devon!

  5. We think it's cool that you snuggle up to the bread and have stayed in a hotel!

  6. Why snuggle up to the bread when you can eat it! MOL! TSB has to keep the bread far, far away because I'll eat the plastic and then eat the bread!
    We might have to play this little game... though I think we might have already... We'll think of something.
    You are one very snorglycool cat!


  7. My goodness Devon - what brilliant and amazing facts about you. What a life you're leading - found in woods when your were itty bitty, you rubbing on bread bags, your hoo-ha's were in your belly... you are on amazing kitty!

    And gorgeous too! Thank you for sharing these facts - me and Charlie are in awe!

    Take care


  8. Thanks for sharing those facts about yourself, Devon! We think it's pretty cool you got to be the ring bearer at a wedding!!

  9. Of course we did! Those were some neat facts, especially about not moving when you sleep. We sometimes don't move much for awhile, but we always move some eventually.

    We like your white furs!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  10. Great facts we never would have know. We'd like to know more about the wedding.

  11. Devon, you've led quite an adventurous life! Very interesting facts, yes, we enjoyed reading them!

  12. Wow those are awesome things! That is so cool you got to be in a wedding - we heard there are lots of tasty foods there so we hope they shared with you!

  13. Excellent fun facts! In a wedding?!? You lucky!

  14. What neat fings to know about you.
    And you were in a wedding? Bet you stole tha show.
    Love & Purrs,

  15. Very interesting facts! We spent a night in a hotel too, twice! When our Mom moved us across the country... We drove her crazy! Hehe!

    You're a very handsome boy - & we can say that confidently because we're secure in our mancattliness!

    Nico & JayJay :)

  16. Devon, you have a great story to tell about your early days. You certainly are a survivor -- and you also seem to be very flexible.

    No wonder they trusted you as ring bearer -- you seem up for just about anything!

  17. Devon,
    You have had an exciting life so far, you ring bearing, bread rubbing, dancing fool!

    CC had only one descended hoo-ha and Mommy had a hard time sexing him until he was tame enough to be properly examined.

  18. I love those facts about you and I bet you looked so cool as a ring bearer.. HUgs GJ x

  19. It's fun to learn things about friends! Baby likes to rub against bags too.

  20. Devon those are very interesting facts! Our Mom wishes Raymond would be very still when he sleeps. xo, Busby

  21. Those were some cool facts, Devon. Thanks for sharing wif us!


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