Friday, May 28, 2010

Family on Friday

Tanner was a foster kitten for several months before I made the ultimate decision to adopt him. He came to us at 13 days old, along with a sister, Riley. There were two other kittens in the litter too. I wanted to show you Tanner's family...
This is Tanner :) He was a few months old here, and had just recovered from a nasty bought of ringworm :( Our whole house was infected including me and Auntie.
This is Tanner's brother, Syrah. He was fostered at another home at first, but then came to live with us until he was adopted.
This is Riley...she had the softest fur, almost felt like a rabbit. We bottle raised her as well, and she was eventually adopted into a loving home.

I don't have a picture of the other sister, Chardonnay. She was only with us a short while, and is thought to be the main ringworm least she was the first to show signs. She was quarantined to another home immediately in the hopes of it not spreading, but no such luck. Chardonnay (Nay Nay) was a calico.

There you have it...Tanner's family. Smokey and Devon were found all alone so I don't know what sort of siblings they could have had.

Do you keep in touch with your littermates?


  1. Oh wow, ringworms! Good grief! Glad you and your auntie and Tanner and Syrah and Chardonnay and Riley are now all ok - that must have been such an awful time for all of you.

    And great to hear how Tanner came to be in his forever home too! :-)

    Awww poor Charlie lived with his sister but as they couldn't have two of them where his hoomans were, he is now with me. I keep in touch with pics of him on my blog - I hope his sister sees him doing ok!

    take care

  2. Bless our mamas who have taken such good care of us.......I was dropper fed and then bottle fed by my mama also, Tanner. Aren't we lucky we found such great forever homes. :)



  3. That is a great family. I don't know where my family went, we got separated when we were rescued from the Christmas Tree farm.

  4. What a beautiful family!! Yep, I keep in touch with my sister - her name is Engel ('Angel' in English) and she is one. She lives in Amsterdam with our furMom Amanda and our half-sister Fanny. My brother Enzo used to live there with someone else, but last summer he went for a walk and didn't come home :.o(. (In case you are wondering, my birthname was Emmanuel - it also started with an 'E', but Mom didn't think I look like and Emmanuel so she changed it to Lautrec after I moved in with her and Dad.) Our family isn't very close, but we do send each other messages on our moms' clothes - our Moms are friends. It must have been awful to have worms inside of you...uh, what ARE ringworms?? We have never had them (thankfully!) so I'm not too sure what they are, but I'm glad you guys got 'cured'!! Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny)

  5. I don't know my littermates. Mama found me in the shelter by myself and I was about four to six months old. Tanner is so cute and Riley indeed has beautiful fur. So glad that ringworm finally went away. That must have been terrible.

  6. i don't even know where i come from.. i was found in the middle of the night in mommie finn's house, cold and dirty.. My memory is not so good, I think.. Beautiful family you have there:) I'm living with 15 new brothers and sisters in the house, though:) Enjoy your weekend.

  7. How awful, ringworms! How sweet to see Tanner's family.

  8. What a lovely furfamily! And we're sorry your all had the ringworms. That's surely stinks! We, unfortunately, don't have any correspondence to our littermates, well, 'cept King and Pandora ARE littermantes and were Skeeter and Scooter(RIP). Mom lets us sniff Scooter's ashes though to say hi.

  9. Yucky ringworms, we've never had to deal with that but it doesn't sound fun.

    Bugsy and Sassy, along with our angel Callie, were siblings so they were all adopted into the house together when they were itty bitty outside kitties. Another sibling disappeared before they were brought in. Roxy is a half-sibling to them, and her siblings disappeared before she was brought in. We don't know anything about Pixie or Gypsy's siblings, if they had any. Ziggy had siblings at the shelter, but The Mommy doesn't know what happened with them after adopting Ziggy.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  10. We don't know anything about our littermates...KonaKitty is the only one here who our Parents knew her Mama & Papa. We all showed up as strays, here.

  11. It's lovely to meet your birth furmily, Tanner! There is quite a variety of coat colours in your litter.

    Dylan came from my brother's cat, and one of his sisters lives next door. My brother still has Dylan's mama and three other furblings. So we see them from time to time.

  12. You have lovely siblings Tanner. We had one other brother who looked very much like Flynn. Mum wishes they had taken him as well because dad sometimes goes to the farm where we were born, but our brother had disappeared after about a year and was probably run over by a tractor or trampled by cows. It makes mum very sad that he had such a short life and nobody had bothered to see what had happened to him.

  13. My mom keeps in touch with a lady that adopted my sister. The lady has even sent some pictures of my sister...she's very pretty! But we came from a beautiful momma cat!!


  14. That's a real nice family. We don't know what our littermates are up to, but we hope they are in homes where they are spoiled rotten like us! :)


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