Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tanner on Tuesday

8 Random facts about Tanner today on Tuesday...

1) Tanner has three siblings...a calico sister, a tortie sister, and a black and white brother
2) Tanner's feral mom buried him in the litter box when he was born
3) Tanner is very stiff, and does not curl up when held...prefers to be propped up over your shoulder, instead of being held like a baby
4) Tanner sometimes likes to poop on the carpet, and is the most likely to pee inappropriately...he's very sensitve to change
5) Dairy is not Tanner's friend
6) Tanner can unwrap candy if it is left on the counter...
7) Tanner loves to chew plastic
8) Tanner loves to play, but will stop if another cat comes in the room...he wants all the attention for himself.

Well, there you have it...8 facts about Tanner, you may or may not have know. Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Tanner, your an interesting kitty...isn't chewing plastic the best fun ever!?

  2. Those are interesting facts - it is funny because we can think of a cat in our house who qualifies for each of those. So he has something in common with all of us!!

  3. Tanner, maybe you were traumatized by your mother burying you in the litter box. See? Mothers (and fathers) are to blame for all kids' issues. MOL!

  4. Awwww Tanner!! You beauty!

    Your poor mummy buried you in the litter box! Oh dear!! You poor thing.

    But look at you now - all manly mancatly! And able to unwrap candy - that is so clever!! Well done you.

    You truly are one intriguing kitty!

    Take care

  5. What an interesting and handsome mancat you are, Tanner! We are so sorry your mom tried to bury you, but we are glad you have a happy forever home now.

  6. Those are some interesting things about you, Tanner! I find that I'm a lot like you...I love to be thrown over my mom's shoulder to be carried, I love to chew plastic, and I love to play but will stop if anther cat comes in the room!


  7. Hi Tanner... Thanks for sharing info about you :p

    * Now we know more about you ;)


  8. We're always glad to find out more about our fellow cats!

  9. What an amazing cat you are Tanner!

  10. We love learning more about our furriends! And King and Pandora are the same way with being held. WILL NOT be held like a baby. They are shoulder cats. And sorry your mommy used to bury you in litter. That wasn't furry nice.

  11. Tanner is a very interesting kitty!

  12. I love to learn fun facts about our kitty blogging furiends!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. Tanner,
    You are an amazing guy. Buried at birth! Not many Cats can claim that.
    Felix won't play in front of anyone, either, so you're perfectly normal, according to him.

  14. Those were interesting Tanner, but that plastic isn't good for your tummy!

  15. our mewmie has a soft spot for handsome orange and white boycats! He is very regal in that photo and we liked reading about him--he is very particular in his likes and dislikes.


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