Monday, March 01, 2010

March is here...

Best Friends is the theme for March...of course in reality, being cooped up together all winter without any fresh air, our house is more like tolerant dudes instead.

This month we have Daylight savings time starting, so we'll have more daylight in the evening...looking forward to walking after work. And the First day of spring...bring on some warmer weather.

A couple of our friends have birthday's this month, so celebrations are in order!

Dasha, was Aunties first cat. She would be 14 this year, but died when she was 7 very unexpectedly one weekend. She was a beautiful girl, who looked like a Christmas tree when she sat due to all the floofy furs!

Her markings were very unique...I've never see another cat like her.

Happy March to you all!!


  1. We're so excited for daylight savings time!

    Sorry about the unexpected passing of Dasha. We had a kitty, Sylvester, who passed unexpectedly at the age of 6 in 2007. No warning at all.

  2. Dasha was a beautiful Cat. I lost my Chumley very unexpectedly three years ago this past January--blood clot, no prior warning. Very difficult to lose our fur family members, no matter how they pass.

    And yes, 19 days till Spring officially arrives, though here in Ontario, we might have to wait until April for Spring-like weather. We're all SO looking forward to it!

  3. What a beautiful girl!!

    Happy March to you too!! :)

  4. We're happy it's March too! Because March means spring!! And warmer weather!! YAY!!

  5. We're glad March has arrived. February was awfully cold and rainy here. Plus we get to "spring ahead" the clocks soon!

  6. Happy first of March to you and the four Crazy Cats!

    We've not started our daylight saving time here yet but the sun came out in all its glory today - blue skies and there was a general feel of Spring in the air. Yay!

    Here's to your beautiful best friends cats and to the wonderful Dasha - what an amazing looking beauty.

    Take care

  7. Dasha looks so pretty. It is always hard to loose someone. You always feel their absence.

  8. Oh Dasha was a gorgeous girl - and we can totally see the Christmas tree shape!

    And we hope Spring really does bring warmer weather - at least when the time changes that will mean more sun when mom gets home! Well, if it ever comes back that is.

  9. Dasha was beautiful. It is always sad when a kitty goes to the Bridge, but extra sad when they are still young and it is unexpected.

  10. Dasha sure was a beauty. Thanks for sharing about her.

    We are excited for spring, too. Happy March!

  11. Happy March! We're looking forward to DST too, and once it gets warmer we can start getting a little outside time again (carefully snoopervised). Yay!

    Dasha was a pretty kitty, how sad that she passed so young. Reminds us of our poor Callie, when she went off to the Bridge in December, it was just a couple of months after turning 6.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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