Friday, March 12, 2010

Foster Favorites

Some kittens we fostered were favorites...some, I hate to say, could not get adopted fast enough! Today we'll showcase a couple of favorites :)

Velcro was one of the favorites...and good thing too because he was with us for over a year! We got him and his brother, Xavier (we just called him brother) as tiny kittens. We bottle raised them and they were nice easy boys. They were extremely bonded with one another, so we insisted they be adopted together. I believe that is why it took so long...two black male cats that needed to go together. Not everyone likes a black cat, and not everyone wants two of them! Their perfect family came around though and just loved the boys...

The photo above is Velcro, nursing on some fingers. He loved to nurse and suckle, especially on hands. He was a sweet boy.
This little fluff ball is Gage. Gage was a tiny boy when he came to us, and we thought he'd take a bottle, but he wouldn't have any of that. He preferred his milk in a bowl. This made for a messy kitten because he was wobbly and would fall in his (extremely shallow) bowl. He was affectionately known as the crusty kitten. He needed a bath daily for a while. He was a love bug and adopted very quickly.

Well, those are some favorite fosters. If you ever get the opportunity to foster it is well worth it, and so rewarding to know you helped place an animal in a loving home. Keep up the good work all of you who still foster today.


  1. Awwwww - and a big Yay to all you foster mums and dads to gorgeous furry cretures!

    These are great stories and pics to just die for! I'm so glad these gorgeous balls of fluff found purrfect furrever homes!

    What a great way to end this week..

    Thanks for sharing and take care

  2. Such precious babies! All of us who foster will always have our favorites. :)

    Gage is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  3. Oh what cuties! I can't believe it took so long for the two boys to be adopted together - I guess I will never understand the aversion to black cats (my first was all black).

  4. They are totally beautiful and I'm so happy for them.

  5. They're so cute, we glad to hear they all have found happy homes!

  6. How sweet! Is it hard for you when they get adopted? I'm sure you miss them for quite a while.

  7. Thanks for sharing these favorites with us! We can't believe someone wouldn't want a black cat!!!

  8. Thats a lovely post and shows how special you are for doing that.. Why would someone not want a gorgeus black cat.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Thanks for sharing your stories. I totally understand when you said it was hard for two black kitties to adopt out together. Jackie and Shadow are BFF and they had to be adopted together. No one wanted to take them home together so they stayed in the shelter for a long long time until my husband and I met them. As soon as we learned about their story, we decided to take them home with us. They are the most wonderful cats. Shadow is a sweetheart. Flip and Shadow are my two black baby boys.

  10. They are gorgeous. We don't know why some people wouldn't want black kitties. Our mum used to have two black brothers.

  11. Humans who foster are near and dear to our hearts. xoxo

  12. Ah, bless you for doing this for kitties in need. It must be very rewarding, though, to see them eventually go to loving homes.

    That Velcro is a hoot -- and I can see where he got his name, with those claws of his! I often say that my Domino is like velcro -- she's always hooked onto my clothes when I pick her up.

    Gage is such a gorgeous wee thing, too. And falling in his milk bowl -- how funny! You must get lots of smiles and laughs with these little guys, too!


  13. So cute! Thank you for sharing about your favorite fosters. :)

    They really do leave indelible pawprints and memories on our hearts, don't they? As I type, our own foster kitty Maggie is laying on her back, sleeping with her legs in the air.

  14. SO adorable!

    I'm just starting to foster, too, and can't wait to get my share of little kittens with weird ears!!


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