Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Tuesday Travels - Juneau

Our second Port was the capital of Juneau.  The day started out misty with a slight drizzle, but we were hopeful it would clear up later.  We had until 1:30 before our whale watching cruise, so we spent the morning walking around the town and shopping.
There were bald eagles hanging around, on structures, light posts, etc.  They were hard to photograph with my phone because they were some distance away.  The guides always told us to look for the "golf balls" in the trees...those would be the eagle head.

Day grew weary of shopping so mom threatened to drop him here.

He changed his attitude and was able to continue on with us :)

Our first stop on the whale watching was Orca Point Lodge for a salmon bake lunch...

These weird worms/caterpillars/insects were everywhere! 

After lunch, we were back on the boat and heading out to find whales.  We were looking for Orcas and the Humpback.  This is a humpback here.

A blow hole shot.  We learned that this was not water, but was in fact snot.  

Now there are two whales...one in front and the one behind is where the puff of snot is..

Here are both going for a dive...

Tail shot... 
This whale is named Flame.  She has a baby named Bunsen.  She gave us quite a show.  Auntie took a nice video you can watch below.

These photos are grainy because we were not super close to the whale...

Each tail is unique, like a fingerprint, so that is how you can tell the whales apart. 

Our last stop was Mendenhall Glacier.

There was a trail to the glacier and visitor center, so we decided to take that route..

Sockeye salmon in the river...

A count of what has been through the area so far...

Another bald eagle...

The glacier...

Well, there you have it.  Next weeks post, we will stop in Skagway...


  1. Wow, she sure did give you a show; fabulous!!!

    What a great stop that was. You make me want to take another cruise to Alaska, mine was so very long ago. I do remember having the BEST salmon and corn bread in Juneau, though. :-)

    BTW, I love the husband daycare. I'm sure some hubbies are happy to stop and have a drink, while their wives/partners shop!

  2. Thanks for sharing the incredible photos. We would love to go whale watching. It's something that we have planned forever. We hope you had a wonderful time. Have a great day.
    World of Animals


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