Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday Travels - Glacier Bay National Park

After three days of land excursions, we were all happy to have a day on the ship, relaxing and looking at glaciers.  There are several types of glaciers, but we saw mainly tidewater glaciers.
I'm not sure what this one was called...

The Park Rangers boarded the ship and set up shop.  We could purchase national park goodies and get our NP passports stamped.  One Ranger stayed in the Bridge and gave talks over a speaker about what we were seeing...sometimes it was hard to hear, but very interesting when you could.

The Margerie Glacier.  We spent about an hour or more here.  The ship would practically stop, and then after about thirty minutes it would rotate so the other side of the ship could have a great view.  This was a day you could sit on your balcony and enjoy the views.

Auntie and I ran back and forth, from side to side taking it all in...

They were just beautiful and fascinating to watch and hear.  They cracked and creaked and sometimes would calve into the sea.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture that experience.

Another one I'm not sure the name...Guess I wasn't paying too close of attention!  I'll have to research before making my scrapbook.

No straws for your drinks today...

The rangers leaving us...we still had an environmentalist on board who was giving lots of talks, so we were still learning!

Next week, College Fjord.


  1. Spectacular! You had a great day, the glaciers are amazing. Sad to think of climate change having such a profound negative impact on them, though.


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