Monday, October 21, 2019

Mancat Monday

The mancats have had a pretty good couple of weeks.  I missed last Monday because I was driving home from a relaxing and much needed beach weekend.  Something about time in the ocean and reading on the shore to make everything right again!
Lenny discovered the purple puff in my room...making biscuits!

I laid him down in it to show him how comfy it is...he loved it!

The boys are doing better with him, with only a couple of outbreaks a day.  We have feliway plugged in, and are applying the essential oils as needed. 
Oliver went back for another recheck on his chin.  It is looking better, but he still has a couple of large zits.  He just had a culture done in this photo, and the spot was bleeding quite badly.  Oliver was being so patient while pressure was being applied.  Hoping to get the results of this culture one day this week. 
Cousin Pirate will be going back today to try something else for his weight.  We have started on B-12 injections weekly.  The first week, he gained 2 ounces.  We were super excited and thought this is what he needs...we are on the right path.  However, this week (week three of injections) he LOST 10 ounces!  Unacceptable, so back to the drawing board.

Here he is getting some extra food.  The panthers are super supportive of his eating :)  

Lenny is sitting by the coffee table also being supportive...

Cousin George and Rusty on the couch...cheering him on!  

We are not fooled boys, you are all just waiting on him to finish to get at his food!  Of course, they all got some so they would leave Pirate alone while he ate.  We have a bunch of fanatics in the house!

There you have it.  Tomorrow we will be visiting Glacier Bay...come on back.


  1. We're glad things are going better with Lenny!

    Purrs from N & D to both Oliver and Pirate. If you discover the secret of weight GAIN for Pirate, post it. (Nicki eats but is nothing but fur and bone, in spite of his good blood work, including T4, being fine. Wish I had that kind of metabolism!)

  2. We’re glad to hear things with Lenny are going better. Purrs for Cousin Pirate that he’ll start gaining some weight.

  3. It sounds like Lenny is settling in a little better. I hope Pirate improves soon.


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