Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tuesday Travels

Oliver Update first: He is improving and much less painful!  The cultures came back and we are using the correct antibiotic, so we will continue for another 3 weeks, and then he will go in for a recheck.  I am still getting pus and "cheesey stuff" out of his chin when I comb, but he is tolerating for longer sessions and I can squeeze some if necessary to get the globs out.  I have a chlorhexadine pad to wash his chin with after each combing session, or whenever I think it needs to be cleaned.  Thanks for the continued purrs!

Now on to the real post...

So, I will post a few pics each Tuesday to showcase our trip to Alaska.  We did a Land-Cruise tour with Princess Cruises. This trip was to commemorate our parents 50th wedding anniversary.  It was our first family vacation, with all 4 of us, since I was in 9th grade, so about 13...over 30 years ago!
Here are my parents heading down the gateway to the plane.  This is mom's first airplane ride!  She was nervous, but made it with the help of her seat mates, dad and a preacher from Ghana holding her hands.
The family getting ready to board a bus to go to the port... 

Our cruise left from Vancouver.  I would like to visit this city more one day.

The family waiting to board the ship...we have made it through the Princess Check-in, and Immigration and Security.

Our rooms were be on the Dolphin Deck, near the back of the ship.  Two days prior to leaving we were upgraded to mini-suites.  Not sure why, but we will take it!
Here are some pictures of our room...sink and toilet...

Full tub and shower.  They provided bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash on the wall of the shower so you didn't have to waste so many small plastic bottles.
Looking out to the balcony...This couch would also fold out into a bed, if needed.
Two twin beds for me and Auntie.  Mom and Dad were next door.

Views of Vancouver from the balcony

Another cruise ship in the harbor

Where we would meet in the case of an emergency...

This was Princess Cruises 50th anniversary of traveling to Alaska. 

Our cruise left at 4pm, and then sailed the whole next day to reach Alaska, so we had plenty of time to explore the ship.  This is the main lobby area in the middle of the ship.  There are shops, the casino, several bars, and the customer service desks.
Auntie and I were glad to find our favorite slot machine...the Lobster game!

Mom found she enjoyed it as well...

Auntie did pretty good.  The game did not like me at all this time and took my money!  I finally switched to a Panther game with more success.

Dad (ball cap and red shirt) preferred the black jack tables.

There were many good cocktails and mocktails on board.  My favorite was the non-alcoholic Mojito, known as the Zero Mojito.

Next week, our first port of call - Ketchikan Alaska


  1. Oooh, what a fabulous cruise! I had gone on a week-long cruise to Alaska 15+ years ago, Dad took me for my 40th. (He lives in the Vancouver area.) Loved it, though we were on the walking deck, didn't have our own balcony room. You were smart to have one! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your pics. :-)

    Continued purrs to Oliver. I/we hope it won't be long before he's fully recovered.

  2. We cruised with Princess to Alaska and took the land tour too. If anyone had asked me I would have said 9 or 10 years ago, but when I checked it was actually 14 years ago!
    We had the land tour first then joined Island Princess in Whittier. The cruise ended in Vancouver and had a few days at the Pan Pacific hotel in Canada Place.
    One of the good things about being upgraded to a mini suite means you got a decent size shower!
    I hope with the continuing treatment that Oliver's chin is soon better.

  3. What a fun cruise! Our mom would love to go on that trip.


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