Monday, November 26, 2018

Mancat Monday

We hope all of our American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Auntie and I went home to mom and dads for a couple of days and ate entirely too much!  When we returned, it was time to start decorating for Christmas.  The boys were excited to help.
Flynn making sure Auntie gets all the pieces for the black tree out of the box.  Normally, we would have put this one up at Halloween, but we were not in the mood this year! 
Flynn checking out the boxes containing the ornaments...don't worry Flynn, you have quite a few.

Rusty doesn't remember decorating being this tiring last year.  You are just getting older buddy...don't worry, it happens to us all :)

Flynn - I don't see any of my ornaments in this lid...are you sure I have some?

Woah, there's a tree in the house!

Oliver checking out some of the other decorations that need to go out...

Flynn helping with another tree...we put up four.

Oliver - this box is still full...

Oliver - My work is done, I'm going to nap now...

Rusty isn't sure of this big mess.  

The boys are doing surprisingly well around the trees so far.  We have reminded them, mainly Oliver, a few times to keep your mouth closed.  Rusty has stretched up in the tree a couple of times, but did not try to climb.  We have quite a few ornaments with bells on them, so we can hear the trees shaking :)  Also, we put plenty of soft things along the bottom, so they can play with them if they want.  Don't worry that you didn't see Harrison, he was upstairs sleeping the whole day!

When do you decorate?  Do you prefer a live tree or an artificial one?


  1. Decorating time is always exciting! Sadly, we aren't doing it this year at our house - too much going on this time.

  2. Four trees! No wonder you have so many boxes of ornaments! You did have great help with the decorating, though...even if it was exhausting for some. :-)

    I always used to have a real tree, both growing up and in my 20s and 30s. Even here in this townhouse I did, until our city stopped picking up the trees afterward. People have to take them to the recycling centre, which is why so many end up just tossed outside and left to decompose. I've had artificial trees since, but last year and this year went to a little tabletop tree. That's enough for just me now. Chumley and Annie used to get into the trees, though! Nicki and Derry were pretty good, even when younger. Well, not as naughty as Chum and Annie, at least. LOL.

    You must post pics of all your trees--do they all have lights? Anyway, I'm sure everything looks lovely!

    Take care, wishing everyone a wonderful week.

  3. The boys all look like they were getting into the spirit of things.

  4. It looks like the cats were a huge help with decorating. ;) With us moving soon, we won’t be decorating for Christmas, much to our dismay.

  5. Such good helpers. We have an artificial tree.


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