Monday, December 03, 2018

Mancat Monday

Welcome to another week...the boys continue to do well.
Oliver had his annual vet visit on Thursday.  He handled it like a champ!  Since he is 5, I went ahead and requested a baseline blood work be done.  One sample had a problem, so we had to go back on Friday for them to collect another one.  Oliver was not pleased!  The blood work all came back looking good though. 
Flynn loves the bed on the ottoman.  He looks so pretty in front of the tree.

Oliver in the window behind the tree in the living room.  There is normally a chest in front of this window with two beds on it, but it had to move to make room for the tree.

Do you see the white Rusty legs?  He is curious about the trees, and loves to reach up in them.  Thankfully, his back legs stay on the ground!

Oliver was playing with some of the ornaments...

Rusty hanging out under the tree in the study.  This tree skirt keeps moving all around.  One day is was wadded up in the corner!  Sometimes I wonder what these boys are thinking!

Harrison is doing well too, he just wasn't in a good place for pictures this week.


  1. Oliver, that's insult to injury that you had to go to the vet twice (!), so we're very glad all is well.

    You guys are enjoying your lovely trees! That's an especially nice shot of Flynn. :-)

    Have a great week and take care!

  2. Glad to see that everyone is doing well. Flynn used to stand like Rusty, but his legs did disappear up into the tree!

  3. We’re glad everybuddy is doing well and enjoying the tree.

  4. love how festive everything is and am happy all went well at the Vet!

  5. Such cute photos. I am glad Oliver's blood work was good.


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