Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Travels

 Day Three was Sunday, so we spent the day at church and helping with an outreach event.  My church is multi-site, so we are one church, many locations.  One of those locations is Thika, Kenya.  We are so excited for all this campus is doing.  Because of cultural differences, they don't normally watch the sermon messages from our campus like the others in the US do.  They preach it in a context that is relevant to their situations.
They start with an hour long prayer service and they pray for any and everything you can imagine.  When you live in a place where material wealth is not common, people tend to be much stronger and deeper in their faith.  It is truly inspiring to witness and take part in! 
Auntie made a friend! 
We were privileged to be able to announce the pastors for the new campus that will be starting in Kiganjo Kenya next year!! 
I met my friend Esther. I first met her in 2014 and have loved watching her grow.  She is getting ready for high school and studying hard.  I am so proud of her!!

After church, we had a lunch together and then headed over to the outreach event.  It was held at a local mall and was tons of fun!  The church team had brought in dancers and singers and other talented folks to entertain and get the message out about newhope.  As the "visitors" we were asked to take part in some games and had a great time! 
This is our friend Daniel.  He has family in a town next to ours and visits America at least once a year.  We were happy to see him again in Kenya.  He will be returning in November and wants to come to our house to cook some American food!  He is also curious about vacuuming!  LOL
After the outreach event, we went in the mall and had pizza.  It was really good and a nice break from traditional Kenyan food.

Today's words were sharing and caring!


  1. what an incredible experience you are having! Loving your photos! Just fabulous! Once in a lifetime experience! catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. That is so nice that you get to see Esther growing up and doing well. Great photos.


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