Friday, August 25, 2017

Foster Friday and Tanner Update

This has been a crazy week for sure and I have to say that I am tired!  One kitten, Madeline was having trouble eating and doing something funny with her mouth.  When I looked inside, there was a large off to the shelter she went to be looked at...home with medicine.  After a couple of doses she started eating better again, and has now reached the 1 pound mark!  She was the smallest girl at 8 ounces when we got her, so she has now doubled her weight!!

Later, I was washing the behind of Josie and noticed the water was turning a brownish color...fleas! So that meant every kitten needed a good bath!
Caleb and all the rest were wrapped as burritos when they finished to help them stay warm, and of course for a photo opp!  We combed a few fleas off of each of them, but not too many.

Rusty was not really impressed with the whole bath idea.  He is a cutie and reminds me a lot of a young Tanner. 
Charlie just takes things in stride.
Finally, the whole group was finished and back upstairs we went.  They gathered around on the heating pads in their cage.  We took turns holding them and rubbing their fur dry so they would warm back up.  Most would fall asleep in our arms!

Sunday, Caleb started vomiting some.  We thought, well maybe the food just didn't agree with him.  Then Regina started.  Eventually, we noticed stringy stuff in the vomit...round worms!  A call went in to the shelter...we need de-wormer!  Picked that up on Monday and dosed all the kittens.  Then the excitement really started!  Worms in their vomit, worms in their poop, worms out their bottoms...nasty worms everywhere!

How can something this cute be so gross??

After a day, the worms were all dying and we were seeing fewer of them.  A few good scrubs of litter boxes and carpet and we are back to our normal, fun, sweet and cute selves!

This is the video Auntie sent me one night while I was working.  Tanner eating on his own!!  He still isn't up to a full meal but it is a start.  I called the vet yesterday about him, and we have switched to a different appetite stimulant.  We are to continue supporting him but feel he has turned a corner for the better.  It is so good to see him eating!

So there you have it...a quick happy update on Tanner and the kittens!  Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Those poor babies. I guess it's pretty par for the course, the fleas and worms, but ugh, not fun to deal with and definitely not fun for them either.

    Continued purrs from N & D to Tanner, we hope he continues to improve.

  2. Oh it's always something with kittens. We hope this is the end of it. :)

    And we're so glad Tanner is eating some. What appetite stimulant is he taking now? Wally seems to do better with cyproheptadine. We purr Tanner continues to improve.

    1. He started with Mirtazapine but now we have switched to the cypro..I think it is working better too

  3. OMC, if it wasn't one thing, it was another with those kittens! I'm glad it was all just typical sick kitten stuff that was easily dealt with.

    I'm continuing to send Tanner purrs as he gets over the hump and back to eating.

  4. Purrayers and POTP to alll your crew ! So glad everyone is doing better !

  5. Burrito kittens! So precious! You poor thing though, sending purrs and prayers that all will be healthy! xoxo (of course Tanner too!) catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. I am glad Tanner is starting to eat. The kittens are such cuties,poor kitties have had a lot of troubles.

  7. Oh, those poor kittens. We're so thankful you are there to help get them through all this stuff. Purring for Tanner, and glad he seems to be getting over the hump!

  8. You have had a hectic time of it with the kittens, but at least they are sorted now. It is good to see that Tanner has started to eat better and I send good thoughts for him to continue to improve.


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