Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Well, I forgot to do a Tanner Tuesday post, so we'll do it today...
Tanner is doing well.  Last week, we repeated the ultrasound and so the boy was shaved again :)  Here are the specific results of his ultrasound.  I'm going to need to to google some of these terms!
Abdominal Ultrasound (Sept 2nd):
-Markedly improved, but persistent subcapsular tissue of the left kidney
-Resolved right renal nodule, but persistent perinephric steatitis
-Mild splenic lymphadenopathy
-Improved jejunal and colic lymphadenophathy

REMISSION STATUS: Strong partial remission

This week, the chemo was in pill form, and thankfully, they let me give it at home.  He still had to run over to his regular vet for a quick CBC, but was back home before he knew it!  We waited to hear from the vet school to make sure his counts were high enough for the pills.  They were, so I gave them at home.  He gets a total of 75 mg of cyclophosamide (a 25mg pill and a 50mg pill)  The 50mg is a bit large, so I think next time I'll ask for three 25mg's.  Tanner is a champ at taking pills, but these were larger than his regular heart pills, so it was more of a challenge.  Auntie and I wanted to make sure he didn't get too upset taking them, so I would give the pill, and then she would offer him a small spoonful of ice cream to wash it down!  Then he would get the next pill and another small spoonful of ice cream.  When we finished, he just sat there waiting for another pill!  I think that plan worked just fine!!  Mary Poppins was right...A spoonful of sugar DOES make the medicine go down!
Tanner continues to eat well and play hard.  He doesn't know he has cancer, and he doesn't seem to realize he is getting meds for it either.  Thankful for no side major effects!
He has been sneezing some since last week getting the vincristine.  We are doing lysine in his food.  Everything is clear and isn't effecting his appetite or behavior.  We'll see next week when he goes in what they do about it...last month, we took a week off from chemo and treated with antibiotics.  Now that this seems to be a pattern, I don't know if they will treat with antibiotics but still give the chemo, or once again, make us wait a week.
Well, that's our update this week...looking good for Tanner!


  1. Great news! We'll keep the purrs and prayers going for Tanner.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Good luck, little one! That shave mark looks just like the one Rocky sported for awhile after his ultra sound. I used it as a spot for perfect tummy kisses. We highly recommend them. :) - Alana.

  3. Tanner, what a little trooper you are, those chemo drugs are grotty, but the ice cream ritual seems to be doing the trick.

    The ape has seen snuffles happen from Vincristin before, same thing, a week of antibiotics then back to the cycle.

    Sending huge rumbly purrs to Tanner and you all, this is such a hard time, we hope it is soon over with a happy ending

    Jane the Ape xx

  4. Sending big big purrs to Tanner.

  5. Big huge rumbly purrs for Tanner. We are also stopping by to let you know how sorry we are to hear about Smokey. Lots of love to all.

  6. Good news about Tanner. Hope he continues to improve. I mentioned at another post but I'll do it here too .. I am so sorry to hear about Smokey. My thoughts are with you.

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  7. dood...we due knot noe theeze werdz but we hope it meenz yur doin grate !!

    dont forget ta eat sum flounder coz a flounder a day keeps de heeebbeeez a way

  8. We are so glad that Tanner is doing better. Keep it up, Tanner! We are so sorry that Smokey had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. I just got the news. I send hugs and the kitties send comforting purrs.

  9. I am glad Tanner is not having any side effects. I am praying for him.

  10. We keep purring for Tanner, and we're glad he's doing better ! Purrs

  11. Sending purrs and prayers for Tanner. We were sorry to hear about Smokey's passing too.

  12. We are sending BIG purrs to Tanner and hope he stays well for a good while.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. That is good news that Tanner is doing well with his treatment. I continue to purr for him.

  14. Such good news! Way to go, Tanner. We're so happy for you, pal.

  15. So things are improving by the ultrasound results. Lets hope the oral chemo takes care of the rest. Glad Tanner likes his ice cream routine! He is first in line in my prayers every night! Sending luvs and purrs.
    Marty and Mom

  16. Thank goodness Tanner is doing better. I'm glad for him and for you.

    I just read on the Cat Blogosphere site about Smokey's passing. I wish things had been different and the fellow could have stayed with you for years more. Godspeed, Smokey, and good luck to all there.

  17. We're so happy for your good news. I'll keep purring for him tho until he is all better.

  18. I love you Tanner. I am SO grateful for your good news.

  19. Paws crossed Tanner continues to do so well! Mommy wishes Grayce was as easy to pill...she's really good at it but Grayce is such a fighter.

  20. Hugs to all. Rest in peace, Smokey.

  21. From one Marmalade Man-Cat to another Tanner you look just fine with that shaved belly. All that fine Orange Fire looks great and holds the eye. Purring for you my dear pal
    Timmy and Family

  22. Oh I furgot to tell Oliver that Einstein got his bugle. We are having a lot of fun but our ears hurt

  23. I just know from Catblogsphere, I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Rest in peace, dear Smokey

  24. Love to Tanner. I am always looking for updates. I read your posting about your baby missing Smokey. Broke my heart. We can't tell them what's happening.


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