Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday in the Garden

Today, Tanner will show us around the garden...we have had a few nice days and the boys have been able to get outside for short bits...highly supervised of course.
 Tanner beside the pole for some of the bird feeders...poor sad hydrangea is looking rough this will perk up when then weather turns warm.  Even the grass has turned brown...
Tanner beside another bird feeder pole, and another dried up, dead looking plant...hoping this one will come back in the spring too.

At least one plant is still living...Tanner was very excited about this...fresh Nip! It is important to keep it well pruned...Tanner demonstrates his technique for you all...Watch and learn!


  1. Awww beautiful Tanner! You are amazing!! Yay for fresh nip!! And lots of it too! Enjoy! Take care

  2. Fresh nip in the middle of winter is unimaginable to us. You're lucky, Tanner! And you do have an excellent pruning technique.

  3. You are lucky to have your nip still growing. Ours looks like a soggy mess from all the rain. She needs to cut it back to start growing again.

  4. Nom Nom with fresh Nip !!
    Here in Sweden it´s all grey today too :(

  5. Glad you guys got to enjoy a little "out" time! :) That's pawsome that your nip is still growing!

  6. Wow! I want to go out and check up on MY nip plant! But my human tells me that would involve my putting on a harness. Grrr!

  7. Tanner, you are lucky to get some fresh nip...all our plants outside are dead...well, sleeping mom says...including our nip.

  8. with the sunshine on his coat he looked glorious. Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx


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