Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Today in the Garden, we want to show you some of the pretty blooms we have at the moment...
For more wonderful gardens, visit Jonesie and the Society of Feline Gardeners.
This picture doesn't have any blooms, but do you see all the baby catnip that is growing? We can't wait for it to get bigger...we'll have to host a nip fest!

In the front yard, we still have some pansies, and the peony is getting ready to bloom. You can also see some of the Gerbera's in the background.

I am not sure what this flower is, but I love it's bright yellow color!

This is a bloom on the butterfly bush in the back yard...the birds love these plants.

More pansies still going strong in the back, along with a sunflowerzilla! We hope ours will do as well as Raymond and Busby's did last year!

This is a neat pot that Auntie made...we think she did a good job, and would love to be out there chewing on that grass!


  1. Lovely lovely garden!! OH but look at your soon to be giant sunflower! WOW!!!! That's just brilliant!! Yay!! take care

  2. Everything looks beautiful :-) I like that yellow flower too but I've never seen it before!

  3. You have a lovely yard with lots of pretty flowers. We like the yellow flower too. That sunflower is going to be fantastic. Can't wait to see it. Have a really fun day.

  4. My Mom and her friend just planted a garden on our balcony this week. Mommy wants to post the pictures but she isn't in the Feline Garden Society so she may just post them on her own.

    Your garden is beautiful!

  5. Your garden is looking great!! We can't wait for that nip to get bigger!!

  6. Mom luvs that butterfly bush. I'm pretty stoked about that nip pawty! Purrs.

  7. Your garden's looking great! We love that butterfly bush. We hope your nip plant grows real big, real fast!


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