Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Today we are focusing on our vegetable's been a while since mom went out to take pictures, but everything is growing nicely. Auntie picked a grape tomato the other day for them to share. We'll turn it over to mom now to tell you about the garden, since we aren't allowed outside to inspect, we have to take her word for it...

Here is a shot of our garden isn't large, but it holds enough for us!

The heirloom tomato has a large fellow growing...doesn't look too pretty, but should taste lovely in another week or so when it ripens. We can hardly wait to have a good tomato sandwich!

One of the bell peppers...we planted a red and a yellow bell this year. Both have a pepper growing and we hope they will change colors soon!

Here are all the tomato plants...we have a grape, heirloom, and two better boy plants. We should be set for tomatoes!

The squash and zucchini plants are full of blooms...nothing better than fresh veggies!

Check out more wonderful gardens at Jonesie's page.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful. Did I see catnip in there?

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Oh wow!!! Fresh tomatoes and peppers and squash and zucchinis!! Yay!! Fantastic stuff - you have wonderful yummy garden full of good veggies - yay!! Take care

  3. Your tomatoes and peppers and squash and zucchini look amazing! We're always amazed at the climate differences, and how "early" in the season veggies can ripen!

  4. Your garden looks super yummy!!! Sadly we don't have enough sun in our garden for vegetables.

  5. Your Vegetable garden lookz like it iz doin very well ^..^
    Dis lookz like a very good year fur Tomatoez,,,,,, mom sayz Tomatoe sandwichez soundz REALLY Good ^..^
    Purrrz~ Ana

  6. Wow the garden looks great! It is amazing you have so much getting close to ready so early - our mom said it always was later at her house when things would start to get near ready.

  7. Oh wow, you have so many nice veggies! Your garden looks purrfect.
    Thank you fur the purrs, I really appreciate it!
    Love, TK

  8. Your garden looks wonderful. Our veggies are just getting started so yours look amazing!

  9. Amazing garden! You must have a green thumb or paw!

  10. Your garden looks fantastic! All those vegetables are going to be deliscious! :)


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