Monday, October 25, 2010

Mancats like Pizza

Auntie gives into Tanner and offers him some pizza...
Trying a small bite....
That's pretty tasty...(biggify to see his tongue)
I'll just get on the table to eat a bit more...All manners are off when there is yummy food involved!


  1. Mmm, it looks yummy! We've never had pizza -- we're so deprived!

  2. YUMMY YUM! We've never tried it either, but we have smelt it quite a lot...
    Actually... we have tasted some crumbs... in secret... Our Mummy and Daddy have woken up to find the pizza box scattered on the floor before, mawhawhaw!

  3. We love the tongue picture!!!

  4. AWwwwww beautiful Tanner!! LOL!!! That pizza looks ever so tasty! Me and Charlie love your lip licking cute pink tongue! Awww! Take care

  5. Tanner, I think p-za is fantastic! I like to nose open the lid and lick the cheese. Mommy and Daddy eat it anyway!

  6. Tanner, that looks so good!! All you need is a beer to wash it all down!! Haha!!

  7. That pizza looks very nommy to us!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Wow! You are so lucky your mom will share her pizza with you like that, Tanner!

    Domino always buzzes around when I have pizza, too. It seems she likes the crust for some reason -- you would think it was the cheese, but no.

    Love the pix of you feasting.

  9. Ha! You really liked that didn't you.


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