Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mojo

Today is Mojo's birthday...he would be anywhere from 14 to close to 18 years old if he were still with us. This is his second birthday at the bridge. He is loving life there I am sure, because he loved life here with us. His motto was always, Life is Good.
Mojo was a spunky boy and I miss him every day...
He had a lot of trials with us...this photo was taken about a month after he starting living with me. He was still a foster at the time, and had an ear polyp removed. He always appreciated everything he was given...this new blanket was an immediate hit!
This was taken later that year in December...we had been going through a food trial to determine the cause of his allergy problems. He was finally released to eat whatever he wanted, so we made his favorite...stew beef and gravy. We are having that tonight as well in his honor!
His first Christmas with us, my mom crocheted this blanket for him...all the other boys had gotten theirs the year before, and she didn't want him left out. He loved it! We had decided to adopt him by this time, so he was getting more spoiled than ever.
One of my favorite pictures of him...sitting on the ledge, looking into the kitchen...probably trying to get something else to eat.
Things I miss most about Mojo today are:
  • Seeing him snuggled in a favorite bed
  • Hearing him boss me around with his 'pack a day' voice
  • Watching him attack a favorite toy and diving under the couch to get it
  • Seeing the pure joy on his face when you would pop the top of the can of food

I am thankful for the 4 short years Mojo lived with me, and know he is having a blast at the Bridge today. Fly High Superman!!


  1. A very happy birthday at the Bridge to Mojo. We're sorry he left you so soon, but hope those memories warm your heart. (((Hugs)))

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOJO!!!!!!! We purr you are having a wonderful birthday today at the Bridge. You are such a handsome boy...and we love the mustache!!!!!!!!!

    What a wonderful tribute to you, are deeply loved.


  3. Happy birthday Mojo! What a lovely birthday tribute. Our Moms are making beef stew this weekend too, (chilly and rainy, perfect stew weather) and they will think of Mojo when they do.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mojo at the Bridge! We just love his face!!

  5. Happy Birthday. Wonderful pictures of Mojo and wonderful expression of memories. Beautiful.

    pawhugs to you... Max

  6. Happy Birthday Mojo, we're all missing you but we know you're watching over everyone.

  7. A lovely birthday tribute to Mojo, gone too soon but has lived life to the fullest.

    I am sure he is very thankful from the bottom of his kitty heart that he was loved and cared for 4 meaningful years!

    Hugs and love from all of us here!

  8. Happy birthday, Mojo! We can tell that you were (and still are) loved very, very much.

  9. Happy Birthday Mojo. It was a pleasure remembering you on your special day. Hugs.

  10. Happy Birthday, Handsome Mojo, and thanks for sharing such nice memories of him. Love that 'stache!

  11. Mojo sounds like he was a great cat. I wish I had known him. It's nice to see he is being so fondly remembered today.

  12. Oh SuziQCat!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics of stunning Mojo as well as precious memories of him!! He was truly a very special and unique kitty!! Me and Charlie are so inspired by Mojo's motto: life is good!

    :-) Take care

  13. Happy birthday at the Bridge Mojo. This is a lovely tribute to him.

  14. Mojo made so many good memories for you in just a few years... forever loved.

  15. Happy Birthday at the bridge to Mojo.

    Mojo stay in your heart forever and thank you so much to let's us to be a part of his wonderful tribute.

    Lots of Purrs and Hugs

    PS: Mom say she thank you to join us " We support Rescued Breed " We did add you to the page but sorry about adding your blog a bit late, she just checked it today.

  16. Happy Birthday Mojo!
    Im new to this blog, but im shore
    u were the best cat ever!

    Tasha,Shadow and Sparkle

  17. what a cool kitty you were while visiting family was sure lucky!

  18. Yes, fly high Superman!! What a great cat Mojo must have been!! Your blog brought tears to our Mom's she is holding us sure is good to feel loved and cared for. We are glad that Mojo had you and that you gave him such a wonderful happy life. Too bad it wasn't longer. We hope all kitties find wonderful, happy homes like Mojo had and like we have. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny


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