Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wordy Wednesday - Health Update and Video

Thanks to everyone for the purrs yesterday...Smokey went to the vet and received some fluids. He is continuing on the cyproheptadine, and also started on some Pepcid. I have a bag of fluids at home that I can give if he needs them. So far, the fluids have helped to increase his appetite and he is eating and drinking better. I think the congestion is also clearing up a bit, and we are on the upswing to recovery.

Thanks to Teri with the Lysine suggestion...we give 500 every day, sick or not, so we have doubled that amount now. We love Lysine, and believe it does offer great benefit to kitties!

The video below is Tanner on Saturday, have a fairly mild coughing fit. He hasn't coughed in several days, so this part of his cold is over...he has two more antibiotic pills left to finish. He is sneezing some still, but he plays and eats just fine.

Thanks again to everyone...please keep the purrs coming...they are helping my boys!!


  1. Oh Poor Sweet Tanner! We hope you're feeling much better! Sending lots of healing vibes your way!

  2. We're continuing to send lots of purrs. Our human has given us Lysine for several years now and it helps!

  3. We're glad Smokey is feeling a bit better! We are still sending him and Tanner many purrs.

    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. from the mom - had a hard time watching the video of Tanner - I'm so glad he is not coughing any more. Franklin has asthma attacks (he's on meds, so they are very rare now) and the coughing is so scary. Sending all your boys lots of healing thoughts.

  4. My sisters and I will keep the purrs coming! Poor Tanner, I hope that cough goes away.

  5. Big purrs to Smokey and Tanner, colds are horrid! Hope they both feel better soon

    Rumbly purrs

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. We are still sending over lots of purrs! We are glad that Smokey is doing better and also glad Tanner is better. Our mom didn't watch the video because even though she knows that Tanner is better now, she knows it would have made her sad for him. But we know you are doing everything to make him and Smokey feel much better!

  7. That coughing fit of Tanner's looked terrible, although he doesn't seem all that fazed by it. I am glad he is feeling better, and I am sending purrs to Smokey - it sounds like he is getting better too!

  8. Oh poor sweet Tanner! Awwww poor sweetie!! Me and Charlie are sending him tons and tons of purrs!! We hope he continues to get better!!

    And we are also sending lots and lots of healing purrs and hugs to gorgeous Smokey!!

    Take care

  9. We hope Smokey and Tanner are back to their old selves real soon!! We're purring for you, guys!!

  10. I hope you can hear us Tanner... we're both purring SO loud for you.

  11. Poor Tanner. We are glad your cough has gone now. We hope everyone is soon 100% fit again very soon.


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