Monday, September 27, 2010

Mancats Like Autumn

The mancats were allowed in the yard on Sunday this's been several months since they've been out. We had a gorgeous day here, in the mid 70's, so we all took advantage and enjoyed the cooler day.

Smokey ate lots of grass! Thankfully he stayed outside until it all came back up :) Great job Goose! Tanner spent his time stalking birds and pruning some plants.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures of Devon enjoying the sunshine. Well, Devon likes to be naughty when he is outside and try to run off. He gets very limited time, not enough normally to get a good picture of him. I've tried his harness, but the last couple of times he has completely freaked out on me. I'll keep working on finding a way for him to enjoy the fresh air, while staying safe.

Today is our 305th post!! We missed the 300th, but we never claimed to be on top of things!! We are thankful to have met so many wonderful bloggers and kitties and woofies. Thanks for making this journey with us.


  1. HAPPY 305th POST!!! Here's to 100s more~!!!

    Maybe getting Devon needs an enclosure. Then he can't escape. Glad the rest of you had fun out there!

  2. Happy 305th Post!
    Have a great Monday friends!

  3. Yay for your 305th post!! Me and Charlie are so glad to have found you and to have followed your adventures with the amazing Devon, Tanner and Smokey!!

    These are fab pics of Tanner and Smokey in action! We hope Devon gets to enjoy the outdoors safely soon! Take care

  4. Concats on your 305th post! Our mom doesn't stay on top of these things, either.

    Oh, outdoor time is terrific! You guys need some sort of enclosure to run around in, safely. :-)

  5. Congrats on #305!!! I'm glad you two got to get some fresh whiffs outside!!!

  6. Happy 305th post!!! Awesome!

    Yay for getting to hang out in the great weather!

  7. Happy 305th post!!
    We saw a ton of cats outside this past weekend - so I guess they had the same idea to get out there and stretch their legs!

  8. We're glad it's cooler there - it's cooler here too and we are really enjoying it. And happy post 305!

  9. Congrats on 305 posts! That is awesome!

    And we were thinking about Devon and his escaping problem - we know they make lots of enclosures for cats that might work - then he can be outside and not get away! It is great that it was nice enough for you to be outside and enjoy the day!

  10. Concats on your 305th post!!!!!!!!!!

    You boys are so lucky....we NEVER get to go outside....sigh.


  11. 350!?! That's fantastic! Here's to many many more!

    Outside is pretty scary for most of us. The Baby is the only one who actually asks to go out of the Catio onto the Patio.

  12. Concatulations on post 3-0-5! We are all skittish kitties here, so we are not allowed outside at all - you cats (even Devon) are lucky!

  13. Concats on your 305th post. Glad you got some outdoor time.

  14. It's so nice you got some outside time!!! You need to take advantage of the weather while you can!!

    Congrats on your 305th post, too!! We're so happy to have met all of you!

  15. There's nothing like some quality time outside when the weather is cooler. Certainly the boys seemed to enjoy it. Smokey and Tanner are very well behaved since they don't try to run off.

    The Devon is a real little devil, isn't he? He sounds like my Dylan who is like a whirly-gig if you try to put a collar and leash on him.


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