Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two on Tuesday

As we approach the all important holiday, especially if you are a black cat,
various decorations and Halloween tidbits will appear on the blog. Afterall, Smokey, Devon and Tanner are the Halloween trio!
These two large bobble head cats were given to us by a friend...They stand about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall and are a lot of fun.
On the bottom shelf of the bookcase, you'll see the Halloween trio represented in smaller bobbles too. These were an after Halloween sale find...which is the best kind!
Does any particular holiday represent your household best? Have you started decorating for Halloween?


  1. Mom LOVES them!!! OMC! They are ADORABLE! Our house is decorated from Halloween --> New years. So far, we have our Halloween blow up guy outside (that was the little bean's decision). But, this weekend, mom's making dad take everything down from the attic!

  2. They're so cool! Our mom doesn't decorate for Halloween. Maybe Halloween is more interesting if you have little sticky people around?

  3. Those are great looking critters!!!

  4. AWwwww these are amazing halloween kitties and their tiny counterparts too! AWWWwww!!!

    I can't wait to see gorgeous Smokey, Devon and Tanner at their Halloween best! LOL!!

    This will be my first x-mas with Charlie so I hope he's an x-mas kitty cos I love x-mas!!!

    Take care

  5. These are so cute! Our humans are really boring and don't decorate for any holiday (can you believe it?! They say it is because we don't have any room, but they could always hang stuff from the ceiling!) But we love seeing other people's decorations.

  6. We have lots of Halloween stuff, but half the time my human doesn't bring it out. She does tend to go a little nuts at Christmastime, though.

  7. The bobble head Cats are too cool!

    We don't do holidays at our house, Mommy & Daddy aren't big on them. Only Birthdays.

  8. Those bobble head cats are lovely. Our mum collects cats so it is a good job we don't live closer, or she may sneak in in the middle of the night and catnap them.

  9. Oh those kitties are so cute!! Mom just loves them! We haven't started decorating yet...probably in the next week or so!


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