Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Up and Down

Hooray for Tanner...he is on a mission to lose weight, and this week he lost 4 tenths of a pound. His current weight is 18.0 lbs. For you kilo folks that is 8.2. He needs to lose another couple of pounds, but we are proud of his progress. He was down to 17.0 before we went on vacation, but the free eating did not agree with his figure, so we backslid just a bit. We are on track now, and hope to continue our downward trend! Go Tanner!!

Smokey on the other hand is down another 3 ounces from where he was in August, according to the vet this morning. She is not pleased, and wants him gaining about a pound or so. He currently weighs 9.11 or 4.1 kg. He should easily weigh 11 pounds. She believes he is using a lot of calories worrying all the time because he is a definite worrier! He is on anti-anxiety meds already to try and alleviate some of his concerns and that is helping his herpes flair-ups, but now we need to focus on gaining weight.

We weigh weekly, so I'll keep you posted on the up's and down's at our house!


  1. Awright, Tanner!! Good job, buddy, losing a little weight! Maybe if you get your humans to play with you a little more, you'll reach your goal in no time! And Smokey...we're sorry you worry so much...maybe you can start eating everything Tanner shouldn't be!!

  2. Good job Tanner! That is great that you lost a bit. Try giving some of your stuff to Smokey so he gains a little. I don't know how your mom does it - we have a similar situation at our house (need one to gain, one to loose - the others are fine as they are) and I am not sure how to handle both (right now we are focus on the gaining).

  3. Tanner, good job on losing a little weight. I should too, but I don't try very hard. Mama plays with me, but my idea of playing is rolling on my side and watching her.
    Smokey, I'm sorry you have so many worries! Poor guy!



  4. Go Tanner Go! He reminds us of our Ferris who is also big boned and could stand to loose a few.

    Alright, Smokey, we need you to start gaining some weight, furiend!!

  5. Go figure! One needs to lose and the other needs to gain -- what about a transplant? That's what I'd liked to do -- donate all my extra LBS. for a transplant to someone who needs it (LOL)!

  6. Way to go with the weight loss Tanner

  7. Way to go, Tanner! Now if Smokey can start eating your leftovers, that would be great!


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