Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's our season!!

Well, October 1st is here and that means we are now officially in the Halloween Season! Halloween is very popular at our house. Our mom has been collecting black cat stuff for 13 years now because of Smokey! She thought it was so neat to go into stores and see black cats, so she started collecting. Then Devon came along and bats were bought becase Devon looked like a bat when he was a baby. He also likes to play with his 'bat hands'. Tanner completed the Halloween Oreo and now we also collect pumpkin things...because in all honesty, Tanner is round like a pumpkin! She loves when she finds things that have all three symbols...the black cat, a pumpkin, and a bat.

Tanner would like to point out that it is because of his pretty orange color that pumpkins are collected, not because of his rotund shape.

Notice on the table, that this tree has a toy for each boy...A black cat for Smokey, a bat for Devon, a black and white cat for Mojo, and a pumpkin for Tanner!

Mom's friends have also taken to giving her black cat things...they know she'll love it! The tall bobble head cats in the picture below were a Christmas gift from a friend! They are a great conversation starter...

This past weekend mom and Auntie started bringing down orange boxes full of black cats and other stuf to 'decorate'. We were right there to help, and I know they appreciated our efforts.
Devon lays with a few decorations in the floor...

Can you spot Smokey on the table with the stuff yet to be put out? We really need to get more furniture to have a place for everything!

We'll have to get some pictures of the stuff around the house, now that it is all organized...does your family decorate for Halloween? Have they started yet, or are they going to wait a while longer so they don't seem so insane like my family?


  1. What GRRR-8 Halloween stuffs you got!!! Mom loves Halloween too!!! We can't wait to see what your house lookis like when it's all finished! Mom says she LOVES the Halloween tree!!! It's super groovy she says!!! Have fun!!!

  2. Your mom and our mom need to compare notes 'cuz our mom collects black cat stuff too!! Did you know our mom's screen name is blkcatgal?? That's 'cuz she collects black cat stuff. We love all your Halloween decorations! And a Halloween tree! What a great idea!!

  3. You have some neat stuffs! Those tall bobble head cats are so funny!

    We had to laugh about Tanner. I'm so lucky I'm not orange cuz I would be compared to a pumpkin too unfortunately.

    Looks like you guys have fun at your house!



  4. All sorts of neat stuff to decorate with at your house! We don't really decorate here, our Mommy is pretty boring. :sheesh:

    (The Mommy sez: and I know that the Krew would tear it all up if I did... LOL)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. WOW! Looks like youre ready for Halloween!

  6. Wow you have great decorations! We posted a couple days ago with pictures of our decor from last year. We do mainly outside but we do a little inside too. I love your Halloween tree - I think I will have to steal that idea!! Halloween is my favorite holiday (then Christmas, which I also go crazy with). We have our black cat Floyd too - he is his own decoration!


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