Friday, May 19, 2017

Fostering Friday

The kittens are growing and gaining weight.  They will probably go back to the shelter next weekend.
Here they are having some playtime downstairs.  Look at that tiny black kitten in the carrier!  Harrison and Flynn LOVE to sit in a carrier.

The igloo is great fun.  Amos loves to jump around inside, which makes it move all around the room... 
Oliver is keeping a close eye on Solomon...

Stella and Amos playing in the igloo...

Sweet Sophia is getting braver...She is more of a loner.  She loves to play, but won't seek out a human.  She still freaks out a bit when she is held.

Solomon is our chunkster...he hit two pounds this past Sunday.  

One strange thing about these kittens is they don't purr.  Sometimes you can catch them purring if they are nursing on mom, which they still do some.  

Mom, Bella, purrs when she is petted.  She will swat at you though if she gets startled.  I wonder what her story is.  The kittens have picked up on this some and will also smack at your hands.  I don't know if they think they are playing, if they are just mimicking mom, or if they are trying to attack.

I can tell we are out of practice with socializing and working with kittens!  Does anyone have any great tips for making snuggly babies?


  1. I've never fostered, so no suggestions from me, but I suspect you're doing a great job! They ARE getting big now. Love that little marking on Solomon's face, he's so sweet. :-)

  2. My human has never socialized babies before... maybe Connie from Tails From the Foster Kittens will stop by with suggestions. Jeanne from Random Felines is at BlogPaws, so not sure if she's checking out blogs this weekend.

  3. OMG! So incredibly adorable. I love that word "chunkster" I hope they all get adopted into great homes.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog for posts of the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  4. It's probably just the camera angle or a wide-angle effect but Solomon's paws look huge ! They are all such sweeties. I hope sober little Sophia comes out of her shell !

  5. Such cuties, especially Solomon.


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