Monday, March 17, 2014

Mancat Monday

On this week's Mancat Monday post, we will focus on the oldest mancat, Smokey.

Smokey loves to go out in the yard when the weather is nice.  He starts his journey off with a nice munch of grass.  We will be happy when the grass turns green again!
Next, is a refreshing drink from the bird bath.

Finally, he can begin his tour of the yard...there is a lot of pigeon poop in the yard near this comes from the roof when we get rain. 
Sometimes Smokey can be unruly and go to the front of the house...

More often than not, he circles back and takes a nice nap in the sun!  His black fur really soaks up the warmth!


  1. Awwww beautiful Smokey!! You are one adventurous mankitty! Yay!! You take care at the front of the house now but enjoy the sun!! Take care

  2. Smokey, you are so lucky - we don't get to go out at all! My human thinks we would get TOO adventurous!

  3. It is good to take a nice rest in the sun after you finish your intruder patrol Smokey.
    Several times I have been told how nice and green our grass is in winter. I never realised how brown the grass gets in your part of the world.

  4. Smokey is one handsome and adventurous dude! We love his shiny black furs!

  5. Smokey, you're so lucky you get outside to explore and soak up the sun. :)

  6. He is really a handsome panther mancat. It seems has his outdoor adventure down to a science.


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