Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's time to break out the Nip Tini's because Tanner has now lost over Three pounds!!!  His current weight is 16 lbs 13 oz. 
Put on your party gear and let's celebrate!!
The balloons will lead the way...come on over

We are having Chick-Hen


The favorite Ham

Small pieces of cake for everyone...this is a party afterall, everything can't be healthy!

And nip tini's or milk to drink.

There are places to rest when you get tired...stay all day and enjoy the food!

Don't forget to take a treat with you when you for everyone!
Thanks for coming and celebrating this milestone with Tanner.


  1. CONCATS Tanner!!! We are very proud of you.

  2. Tanner that's great news!!! Let's get this party started!!!
    Miss Kitty

  3. Paws up and party down, Tanner! This is great news!

  4. Concatulations Tanner! Now, let's pawty!

    Pee Ess - put on some tunes, shaking your boo-tay is excellent exercise!

  5. Wooo Hoooo !
    3 pound's , that is grreat !!

  6. Party down, Tanner. Just be careful you don't gain all that weight back in one memorable evening.

  7. Whoohoo! Three pounds! That's worth partying for!!

  8. Oh, wow, huge congratulations to Tanner! Nicki and Derry would love to come by and help celebrate. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by Fuzzy Tales. I'm discontinuing all the supplements I give Nicki and will have him re-tested in 3 months, when he goes back for his anal glands. I'm wondering if one of the homeopathic meds is causing the increase in his ALT level, will find out in February!

  9. ConCATulations, Tanner! We are so, so proud of you, dude. Now let's party!


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