Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December is Here

December has arrived...where has the year gone? Time flies when you are having fun!

Our month is pretty quiet, and I am already looking forward to taking time off around the holidays to spend with the boys!

Our Granny's birthday is the week before Christmas...she will be 88 this year!

Mojo is the cat on the calendar this month...Christmas was his holiday, since Red was his color! This photo was taken in 2008, which was his last Christmas with us. I love decorating the Christmas tree and finding all of his ornaments each year...such a fun way to remember a special boy :)


  1. What a lovely tribute to beautiful Mojo!!!

    And what a great birthday to celebrate!! Happy 88th birthday to your granny!!!! Yay!!!!!

    I love Christmas too - my first one with Charlie - yay!! Take care

  2. We love the December calendar!! Mojo makes it extra festive!

  3. That is really a great way to remember sweet Mojo. I love your header too, it is very pretty!

  4. Aw, Mojo was such a handsome mancat! That made our mom think that Chumley's last Christmas was 2006, which seems so long ago now. She wishes she had more photos of him....*wistful sigh*

    BTW, it feels like you just put November's calendar up! Yes, time flies...whether you are having fun or not. LOL.

  5. Happy 88th to your Grandma and yes seeing Mojo is a wonderful way to acknowledge the holidays as well!

  6. The calender is realy lovely. Mojo loks great.. U
    Hugs GJ xxu

  7. Wonderful decorations... Very beautiful calendar too. Thanks for sharing.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. What a great calendar page! It's a wonderful way to remember Mojo! :)

    Happy birthday to your Granny!

  9. That is such a lovely tribute my friends.


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