Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Tales - Berkeley Plantation

While in the Williamsburg area, we visited the Berkeley Plantation. This was important because it is the Official site of the First Thanksgiving in America. Most people think of the pilgrams when they think of Thanksgiving, but the pilgrams didn't arrive in America for a few more years.
This is the James River...as seen from the front lawn of the plantation.
This is the Kitchen and servant quarters. There is a tunnel that runs between this building and the main building. They separated the kitchen from the main living quarters to keep the heat away.
A side view of the main house. William Henry Harrison, one of our President's was born here.
This is the guest house...I love the color of the plaster on the walls.
Another view of the kitchen building...you can see the cannon ball still in the wall.

Here is the shrine to the first Thanksgiving in America...1619.

Walking along the trails on the plantation we saw many butterflies....this one finally rested long enough for me to snap its picture.
The Flats enjoyed sunning on this rock to the Unknown Indian.

This was Rob, our tour guide. He did a great job of explaining some of the history of the plantation, and showing us around the house. We were unable to take pictures inside the house though.
Another plaque recognizing the First Thanksgiving...
We hope you have enjoyed this tour today...


  1. Wow, looks like a very interesting place...the cannon ball in the wall is something you don't see everyday!!!

    I hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving :-)

  2. Oh thank you so much for such an informative tour!! What a lovely place for the first Thanksgiving!! The house is absolutely stunning and it's so good to see the buildings preserved with care!! Why on earth was a cannonball shot at the house?!?! Oh dear!!!

    Me and Charlie loved your guide all dressed up and the Flats on that rock for the unknown Indian (what's the story there??)!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING all at Four Crazy Cats! Take care

  3. What a great tour, thanks! No, that cannon ball in the wall isn't a daily sight. LOL.

    We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! And we like your holiday header!

  4. What a cool place!! Our mom loves American history stuff so she'd really like it there.

  5. Thank you for sharing. The cannon ball photo was particularly interesting.

  6. It was very interesting to see where the first Thanksgiving took place. The photos are lovely.

  7. I really enjoyed the tour. The butterfly is very striking.


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