Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colonial Garden

Today we continue our colonial trip and combine it with our Garden post...Enjoy!
The trees were simply breathtaking in Williamsburg...I love the Fall!
This orange color tree is my favorite!
This is at the Garden and Nursery along Duke of Gloucester Street...Love the idea of the raised garden...they still have many wonderful things growing.

I love the way they have supported their tomato vines...

This is Katie...she was running the Garden supply shop and was excited to hold the Flats, especially when she learned about their garden back home and this post :)

For more wonderful garden posts, check out the Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. We enjoyed the tour! Here most of the leaves are gone now, and certainly nothing is growing.

  2. We so loved seeing the trees in their autumn colors....we don't get that down here in our part of Texas....everything stays green or just drops their leaves without turning colors.

    Happy Thursday dear friends. xxxxxxxxx

  3. How wonderful! I especially liked the last photo :)

  4. Absolutely fab pics! The trees are stunning in their Autumnal wear!

  5. Oh wow!! The trees are stunning!! And yay for Katie holding the Flats!!

    Thanks for sharing these fun pics! Take care

  6. WOW! Y'all are colonial flats!

  7. That was fun seeing all the sights. The trees are really pretty. Our leaves are blowing away really fast.
    Hope you have a fun day.

  8. Lovely - looks like they still have some color!

  9. What a fun tour and we purred when we saw all the flat cats!

  10. Oh...those flats sure get around! It has been a long long time since our Teri visited Williamsburg but we only live a couple of hours from there...we shoulda met up!


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