Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Today on the Garden post, we will discuss Viscus Introoders and how we stopped them!
We seem to have a rabbit that likes to help with the garden. I am fine with animals eating some of the bounty of foods, but please do not destroy the plants. This rabbit, chewed two of the tomato plants in half, near the bottom. Therefore, no more tomatoes from those plants!
This is all that is left of one plant...can you see the stalk?

After this happened twice, we got down to work installing a barrier to keep Mr Rabbit from the garden.
We installed these posts around the edge...and bought some new plants to replace the old ones.

Then we hooked this chicken wire to the post all the way around the garden. It is only about 2 feet tall, so we can easily step over it to water and pick.

How have you dealt with introoders? Do you have many where you live? Happy Gardening!

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  1. Awwwww I didn't have a bunny but I did have a hedgehog meandering around my pots! It was one of the hottest driest days so I think the ground was much too harsh for these poor prickly babies to dig up (they dig up worms mainly) so they chanced it round my pots - I think they got a few slugs and snails!

    Let's hope the chicken wire works!
    Take care

  2. Sorry that little bunny eated you 'mato plants. Looks great with the new fence! Wishing you LOTS of bounty out of it! We don't have a veggie garden this year, but next year, we're gonna have one. Mom is going to plant pumpkin seeds tomorrow and we'll see how that goes...

  3. Good work with the rabbit fence. We have a gopher. He is a very hungry gopher. So far we have kept him at bay with gopher wire buried under our garden, but next year we plan to dig out the garden and put the gopher wire deeper into the ground so he can't go under it to nibble on the roots of our plants.

  4. Nope, we don't have a garden so all kind of critters roam in our yard!

  5. We've not had garden introoders like that because our little space is fenced. It's enough that the boys pummel the existing perennials. LOL.

    The new fencing/chicken wire you've installed looks great and hopefully that means flourishing plants now! (Actually, your garden looks great, we think, save for that poor eaten tomato plant!)

  6. Your beans did a great job fencing off the veggie garden from the bunny.

    Dante's work in the garden is all about keeping out intruders -- but we only have flowers, so there's not as much destruction.

  7. Worse introoder is an armadillo, and short of catching it there is absolutely nothing that will deter it, AND bad enough is that they come back yearly.


  8. Yep, we do...voles, moles, black birds, wabbits and chipmonks. They like to nibble away. You're fence is just the trick!

  9. We got a lot of bunny introoders around here. They eat our plants and it makes mom mad!! She sprays the plants with some really stinky stuff to keep the bunnies from eating them.

    That fence should keep them out of your garden!

  10. We had groundhogs at out old house. Mommy emptied our poop boxes down their holes a few times....they moved one yard over after that!

    Good job on the fence.

  11. Haha! We are laughing at Katnip Lounge. Bet those groundhogs had a surprise. We used to get bunnies in our garden eating the carrot greens, but since dad built the purrison fence they can't get in. Your fence looks good and should do the trick as long as they don't start burrowing underneath.


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