Monday, May 10, 2021

Mancat Monday - Introducing Charles Donald

 Well, this has been a pretty exciting week for the panthers and Pumpkin.
First off, my grey areas have been covered over nicely :)

Pumpkin enjoyed quite a bit of time on the porch.  She is going to the vet this afternoon because she isn't eating well.  I took a sample on Friday and she has coccidia, protozoa and an over-growth of intestinal bacteria.  She's been on meds all weekend and is starting to act more like herself again.  Hoping she will start eating better as well.

Rusty spends a lot of time in Aunties bed during the day...he loves this blanket!  He knows if he doesn't get there early, Harrison will snag his spot!

Harrison is a good baby sitter when Pumpkin is on the porch

She enjoys her snuggles

Harrison feels he needs to sleep in her playpen at night!  He is such a baby.
What is Rusty looking at?

Why, it's Charles Donald!  Charles was seen running across a busy highway.  A kind man stopped and grabbed him, then came into Petsmart for some food.  I went back to help him, and he said he was going to drop the kitten by the shelter in the morning.  I checked he was a boy, and asked if I could take him, both from the man and from Auntie.  Everyone agreed and Charles Donald found a home!
He went to the vet the next morning because he eyes were infected.  He got some meds, dewormed and fluids.  It was determined he is about 6 weeks old.  He eats like a champ, drinks water already and uses the litter box.  He is a little nervous about you walking up to him, but settles down once picked up.  
He has taken over the playpen now, and sleeps here at night.
Teddy is learning to play with him. The other panthers are taking their time about checking him out.  I make sure to give them lots of extra attention as well.
After two days on meds, the eyes are looking so much better!  He is a cutie pie and I am glad to call him one of my panthers!


  1. Oh, definitely an exciting week! Wow!

    Welcome, Charles Donald. What a cutie. He does look MUCH better in that last pic, his eyes already clearing up.

    Good luck with the integration, and fingers are crossed for Pumpkin's full recovery.

  2. It's nice to meet your new family member! And I am sending purrs to Pumpkin as she recovers - I hope she is at 100% soon!

  3. What a little cutie Charles Donald is, and he is very lucky to have joined your family.

  4. That was quite the week! Welcome Charles Donald! You are adorable!

  5. Welcome Charles Donald. Such a cutie. I hope Pumpkin is better soon.

  6. Poor Pumpkin. We hope she gets better and finds her appetite soon.

    And welcome, Charles Donald! XO


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