Monday, February 17, 2020

Mancat Monday

I will start today with Harrison's tail update.  Last week, he was spending the day at the vet getting his tail lanced and drained from an abscess.  I picked him up from the vet about 4:30 and he was ready to come home!  He was given an antibiotic injection and a long lasting pain injection.  He was high as a kite!
The tail oozed for a day or so, and he had to wear the cone of shame.

I picked him up a soft padded cone and it worked well.  The Velcro is very strong, so Harry was not breaking out of it!  It made for one pitiful kitten though.

After a couple of days, the tail was looking better and Harrison was out and about, cone free!  Except for the funny shave job, he is back to normal.
This morning was recheck day, and he was given a clean bill of health.

Does everyone's living room look like mine with numerous cat things all over the floor?  The boys enjoy variety...and I like to keep them entertained.

Rusty and Harrison both think they see a poltergeist in the fireplace.

Flynn is wiped out...weekends are for resting!

Harrison cooking in the heated bed...

Harrison has been trying to destroy the ski chalet...I think ski season is over!

Good boy Rusty...that's the way to sharpen those nails!  Rusty was terrified of Harrison in the cone...he is so dramatic!

Oliver has been doing well.  He is a sweet boy that still likes to scream at Lenny sometimes.  We are working on it.  Oliver is definitely a jealous boy.  It takes him longer than others to adjust to change.


  1. I'm glad Harrison's tail has healed so well!

  2. That poor bald tail! I am glad it is healing well though, and the fur should soon grow back. Everyone looks very content.

  3. We’re glad Harrison’s tail is better. Ernie knows all about those evil cones. ;)

  4. OH Harrison, I am so happy for you sweet boy! Everybody else, I am loving getting to know you.

  5. I'm glad all went well for Harrison and that he's back to normal, healing well. And it's great to see everyone else happy and healthy.

    RE: living rooms and strewn cat toys: Since Nicki passed, I can't get Derry to play with the toys that he used to like, including the catnip ones. Even new toys don't entice him. The only thing that he'll play with now, for a short time, is the laser pointer. I keep trying to entertain and engage him; maybe I'm trying too hard. :-/

  6. Glad everyone is doing well ! That tail did look sore - glad it's better !

  7. I am glad Harrison's tail is healing.

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