Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday Travels - Japan

In November, my friend and I took a trip to Japan.  We were there for 19 days, and had a wonderful time!  This isn't my first trip to Japan, so we tried to do all new things and not repeat past experiences.
We did repeat purchasing business class seats on Japan Airlines though.  We purchased with our miles and it made all the difference on such a long flight.  This is my pod.  The seat will go completely flat which was great for sleeping.

We arrived at the Raleigh airport at 4:30am, then had a 3 hour flight to Dallas.  Once in Dallas, we visited the lounge for a couple of hours and then boarded our flight to Tokyo, which would take 14 hours.  Here I am...ready to go!

We made it!

Once in Japan, we traveled a couple of hours to our friends house in Yokohama.  She was going to let us stay here for a few days before our journeys took us elsewhere.  She has 4 cats, but one preferred not to appear :)  Here are l-r Maya, Mugi, and Yuki.

Her house was designed with the cats in mind...they have many climbing areas.

These stairs are under our stairs and will take the cats to the bathroom counter and their water fountain.

Dinner our first night...I was happy to still be awake!

I couldn't figure out the toilet, so Orie put signs up for me :)

Super cute black cat in the bathroom.  

Yuki using her stairs...

Breakfast one morning.  Orie took us to Costco to pick up new glasses because they are much cheaper there.  She also drive us to a service area which is like a mall with lots of food and gifts.  We stayed with her for three nights.

Next week we will visit Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo and Yanaka Cat Street.


  1. That is a wonderful layout for the cats. I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Wow, those cats have a SWEET set-up! I noticed how the pillows on the sofa were arranged, so they all had their area--out of sight of each other.

    I wouldn't be able to figure out the toilet either, it seems very complicated.

    And your airplane pod! I've never seen anything like it.

    You're very adventurous! I'm not, so I'll live vicariously through those who are. LOL.

  3. Your friend's house is totally catified. So awesome! I love how the pillows are used as dividers for the kitties on the couch. :)

    I love Japan, and hope to go back someday.


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