Monday, February 05, 2018

Mancat Monday

Rusty is growing up and jumping higher and higher!
He can now get on the counters!  This is not a preferred behavior but sometimes you just have to pick your battles! He is learning that the stove is hot!  Very curious about what is in the pot.

Giving the rice cooker a sniff...

Fascinated by the out Rusty...that's hot!

Wow, look at it going up in the air...amazing!

Maybe if I sit here, I can touch it...

Harrison has been on an eating binge these days.  He eats two breakfasts, a lunch if we are home, an afternoon snack, a dinner and sometimes a snack before bed...up to 5 cans of food a day!  He isn't gaining weight, so I don't know if I should be concerned or not.  I guess it wouldn't hurt to have some blood work done just to make sure nothing is going on...

Harrison just loves Rusty.  I suppose the increase in wrestling and playing could cause him to be hungrier, but it still seems extreme!  He and Oliver got new collars this week because their old ones were looking worn and frayed.  It is the same color as before, and made from a bamboo material, so it is super soft.  He and Oliver don't mind wearing them.  I think they look quite handsome in their colored collars.


  1. Rusty is having great fun exploring. It can be hard to keep an extra-curious cat safe!

    Five cans of food a day! :-O

    My boys will split 3 to 4 85-gram tins *between* them and have gotten fat. I think they'd like to be at your house! LOL.

  2. Thank you for your kind words of sympathy for our Mr Kitty. It helps to know others care.

  3. Rusty is a very curious cat. I'm glad that Rusty and Harrison are playing together a lot. Five cans of food a day does seem like an awful lot, unless they are very small cans. My cats are happy with one 3oz can a day, except for the kitten, who will eat two.

  4. Yeah, the mom can’t keep us off the counters either. That sure is a lot of food for Harrison. We think it might be worth checking into. The mom would love for us to eat that much. :)

  5. If Harrison is eating a lot more than the other cats and not gaining weight, yeah, you might want to have that looked into.

  6. Rusty is very inquisitive. Five cans of food does seem a lot. Eric and Flynn used to get one can each twice a day as well as a small bowl of kibble left down to snack on.

  7. Yeh, I would be worried about Harrison eating that much and not gaining, even with exercise. Rusty would be eating a lot more too if it was just the extra play. Hope all turns out ok ! Let us know !

  8. They do look handsome in their collars.

  9. Wow, that's some good jumping, Rusty. That's a lot of food for Harrison to eat without gaining weight. We think you should have that checked out.


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