Friday, September 29, 2017

Foster Friday

Our house is a bit quieter right now...
These four babies went back to the shelter on Tuesday to have their surgeries and go to the adoption floor.  It was hard to see them go because they are such a snuggly group.  It was a purr fest in the carrier while we waited! 
Regina and Rusty stayed behind because they are getting over their colds.  They have to wait two weeks from the end of symptoms before going in for surgery.  They are both improved and ate like pigs last night! 
Rusty came to get a snuggle and sleep off his food coma!  He is a sweet boy and will be joining the panthers once he has his surgery.


  1. Rusty, you are truly sweet boy !
    And don't worry about surgery, I do paws crossed for you.

  2. Paws crossed and purrs to them all, may they find fantastic forever homes. And did I/we read this right? Rusty already has his forever home? :-)

    Was Tanner's paw in that? ♥

  3. We purr that the 4 little ones all find their furever homes soon!

  4. Those four cuties will find homes soon, I'm sure! As will Regina and Rusty, once they are over their colds.

  5. Is Rusty the one you said reminded you of Tanner ? Purrs.

  6. I hope the kittens soon get loving forever homes. That is wonderful news that Rusty is joining the family.


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