Friday, December 02, 2016

Fair Trade Friday - Amazima Ministries

Today's post features an organization called Amazima Ministries.  Amazima pronounced (Ah MAH Zee Mah) was founded by a lady named Katie Davis.  She went to Uganda after graduating high school and saw a real need and felt led to do something.

 In her book, Kisses From Katie, that I highly recommend, she tells about working as a teacher in an orphanage.  Orphanages are different than what many of us imagine.  Many of the children have parents and family close by and they come to visit.  Why are they living in the orphanage you may be asking.  Well, the family can't afford to take care of them, provide food and education for them.  So, living at the orphanage gives them a chance.

Katie started a sponsorship program to help these kids be able to return to living with their families because their basic necessities would be covered through the sponsorship.

In addition to running the sponsorship program, Katie discovered a need to help families earn an income.  The website states, "At the beginning of 2010, Amazima Ministries started the Masese Women’s Beading Circle because we saw the need to develop a self-sustaining vocational program for mothers in the Masese community. Our desire is to empower these women, to provide hope for their families, and to see the Gospel to take root in their lives."

There are many beautiful products available through the Amazima Store.  There are even special Christmas Bundles to help families in Uganda, and also to help spread the word about what Katie and her organization are accomplishing.

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  1. Guess what ? My mom has a good friend who came from Uganda. His heart is beautiful just like all kids here.
    Purrs for them to get many supporters


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