Monday, November 28, 2016

Mancat Monday

Harrison and Flynn are learning about this whole Christmas's pretty exciting but tiring too!
Do you hear something brother?
Harrison (top) Flynn (bottom)

Flynn isn't sure about what is going on in the house...

Harrison just trying to act cool...
Where did this box come from?  I wonder what is in here...
It's empty, but there is a TREE in the living room!
Harrison and Flynn spent the first part of putting up the tree and decorating getting into trouble.  They wanted to chew on each branch!  Thankfully, they did not try to climb the tree like Cousin Georgie.  Harrison did crunch two light bulbs and we are hoping he hasn't swallowed any glass!  We are keeping a close watch on him :)  There are some soft ornaments and ornaments with bells on the lowest branches that they can play with if they want.

It wasn't long before they were both in the bed upstairs, completely zonked out!  Here is Flynn...I covered him up, and he stayed like this for a couple of hours.

Harrison like to nestle in the 'momma' blanket...I covered him up later too and he slept and slept!
These boys can't handle all this excitement!  They are having a good first Christmas so far though.  How are your cats doing with the tree?  Do you put one up?


  1. Ha! That's SO funny! Decorating is exhausting work. At least the tree is intact and upright. When I had Annie and Chum (and a bigger tree) I used to attach it via wire to a plant hook in the ceiling. Those two were into it every year. :-)

    The boys are pretty good, they ignored my little 4.5 ft tree entirely last year and have been good with it this year too. Everything (except my weight) is being downsized in my life these days, including my Christmas tree. :-)

    You'll have to let us know whether your gorgeous tree makes it through the holidays unscathed. Or at least standing. LOL.

  2. MOL ! Decorating and helping humans is exhausting ! Purrs

  3. Ha..Ha..Ha..You guys must be exhausted ! I like the way you guys dump yourselves on mom's bed !

  4. How nice you had some "help" decorating. Good thing they're passed out now...from all the hard work they did. :)

  5. We had a cool tree last year - this year it may stay in the closet since my human and I will be out of town right in the middle of December.

  6. I like when the tree comes out because I have to rub my smell all over it again. I love the great big box too. looks like they tired themselves right out with all that hard work.

  7. Pretty tree and how cute they look sleeping.


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