Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday Travels

This post has quite a few photos.  Today, we headed out for our safari.  We packed up the bus because we would be staying in a different hotel tonight.
The drive was about 2 hours...we were not in a rush because we wanted to get to the safari park in the afternoon.  There were many interesting sites along the amazes me how people simply make do with what they have and find a way to survive. 
There were plenty of zebras and baboons along the highway. 
Once inside the safari park, we took our time.  David and Joseph were great about letting us look at the animals and take as many pictures as we wanted.  This is an Impala. 
Many of the animals had babies with them, or teenagers.  Here is a cute Zebra family. 
Warthogs were just roaming around... 
I believe this is a Waterbuck. 
Lake Nakuru has many types of is a Pelican. 
The Lake was quite high due to all the rain they have been getting... 
A flock of Flamingos... 
A baby Cape Buffalo... 
Teenage Cape Buffalo...these animals are very large and mean.  They will kill for sport, not just to eat.  Several of the adults tried to charge our bus! 
Baboon...these guys were in many places around the park.  They are smart and sometimes try to get in the bus...we closed our windows when passing close by! 
Sweet babies 
Auntie, David and me overlooking Lake Nakuru.  Our safari took us all the way around this lake. 
Giraffe butt...I seemed to get a lot of backside shots! 
Our group at a waterfall.  We weren't really sure if we should be out of the bus! 
White Rhinos... 
Our hotel was in the park, and the dinner was wonderful.  We had rice, chapati, spinach, vegetable and the most wonderful lamb chops ever!

Next week will be our last installment of Thursday Travels...our trip is coming to an end.


  1. Wow, how cool that you got to see all those critters!

  2. guys....two bad yur mom dinna get ta see any oh R cuzins de big cats...theeze animalz R awesum tho...thanx for sharin de fotoz !!! { look how cloze thoze burds R ta de rhino !!! }

  3. How cool ! Thank you for sharing your photos with us ! Purrs

  4. What a great and interesting trip that must have been. Thanks for sharing.

  5. your photos are so cool!! I would like to see a baboon DRIVING the bus lol catchatwithcarenandcody


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