Monday, March 09, 2015

Mancat Monday

The mancats had a quiet week.  It was well deserved and needed.
Tanner and Oliver were able to get in some snuggles and washes.  Sorry for the quality, I was sitting across the room, and tried to zoom with the phone.  This was nice to see, as Oliver has not wanted to hang out with Tanner as much lately. 
Tanner found a nice sunny spot and soaked up the rays.  His back leg is completely dangling from the chair! 
Our weather turned beautiful and fairly warm this weekend, so we opened the windows!  Oliver loved it, as he is now the only one we don't trust to take outside.  He gets spooked very easily and tries to run away when you go to catch him...not a good combination for going out in the big world! 
Cousin Georgie was able to go out some with the big cats.  Now keep in mind, that we are standing there with them...they are supervised.  He did pretty well, but was happy watching the birds from inside too.

By the evening, all the cats were completely wiped out and sleeping hard in the den.  We normally don't see Oliver resting so much, so it was quite funny.  Of course, he woke up when it was time to go to bed and he talked for about two hours!  I finally convinced him to come to bed and be quiet about midnight...silly boy!


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