Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

I don't want to jinx us, but I feel Tanner has turned a corner to wellness again!  Last week, he went to the vet to once again check his kidney and potassium values.  The BUN has decreased, and creatinine remained the same.  The potassium level is on the low end of the range, but is at least within the range now!   Symptomatically, Tanner was still experiencing dehydration and not wanting to eat much.  He had lost more weight and now weighs 12 lbs 7 ounces.  The vet wasn't overly concerned about the weight loss, as he felt most of it was water weight from the dehydration.
We devised a new plan to try for a week, and then re-evaluate.  Tanner is getting 100 mls of fluid daily to help with the dehydration.  He is getting a shot of famotidine daily in case his stomach is too acidic.  He gets an appetite stimulant every two days.

This morning, Tanner was the first one down the stairs to get breakfast!  Last night, he did not want to sit still for his fluids...the fight is coming back in Tanner!!  He is feeling better!

He still seems slightly dehydrated to me before getting his fluids, but less than he was a few days ago.  The appetite pills have him chowing down, so maybe he will gain a bit of weight this week for me.  He is on a fish kick right now and prefers those flavors over chicken or turkey.

Notice, in the picture above, Tanner is wearing his new survivor bandana.  According to the etsy site we ordered from, the lime green ribbon is for lymphoma.  I think this looks very pretty with Tanners orange furs.

What's coming up for Tanner?

Thursday, February 12th - Check up with the regular vet, revisit our plan, repeat blood work
Monday, February 23rd - Vet school visit for blood work, check up, and ultrasound

Thanks for checking in on my boy and sending him purrs!


  1. This is very good news - we continue to send strong healing purrs to Tanner and our paws are crossed that his improvement will be maintained.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. That is terrific and we will send a big bunch of just-in-case purrs.

  3. Paws crossed that Tanner really has turned a corner! I'm sending lots of purrs his way so that the good news continues!

  4. dood...we send...az all wayz ..de manee blessings oh R pal frank yur way...heerz hopin ya did inn deed tern a korner N yur lookin at healthee street for yeerz ta come ♥

  5. That is great news. I will keep purring for good vet visits.

  6. We're crossing our paws that Tanner is on the upswing now too!

  7. Hope todays vet visit went well for our orange super mancat!
    Marty and Mom

  8. I am glad Tanner's fight is coming back. I love the survivor bandana-what a great idea and he looks handsome.


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