Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Yesterday, Tanner had to made a quick trip to his regular vet for a CBC, to determine if he was eligible for chemo.  All looked good, so we did our chemo and ice cream routine last night.  This time, instead of pills, he was given capsules, and they seemed to go down a bit easier for him.  I will try to request those next time too.
Right now, our biggest issue at the house is with Cousin Sophie.  She does not like Tanner at the moment and will squeal and hiss and fuss at him, even if he just walks into the room with her.  I don't know if she is smelling something different about him because of the cancer or the drugs, or if she is experiencing a problem herself.  This has been going on for sometime now and we are not sure exactly what to do about it.  We have moments of peace and moments of unrest in the house. 
We have plugged in feliway, but have not really noticed an improvement.  Has anyone tried any of the essential oil blends by Jackson Galaxy? 
I will be asking the oncologists if Tanner can resume wearing his calming collar.  I don't want to give him anymore pills at this time, but feel that the problem really lies with Sophie right now anyway.
Otherwise, Tanner has two weeks off from treatment before heading to the vet school on November 24th for another dose of chemo.


  1. well good for Tanner...except for that Cousin Sophie thing.... :)

    Can she wear a calming collar? It may indeed be that he just smells different and she is reacting to that.

  2. We were wondering if Sophine could wear the calming collar too. Good luck.

    As for Tanner, it sounds like a pretty good result so far, paws crossed. Continued purrs and purrayers.

  3. It sounds to me like Sophie is the one who needs the calming collar! We haven't tried the Spirit Essences for this issue, so can't venture an opinion.

  4. Good for Tanner, we keep purring for him. We wonder, like Fuzzy Tales and Summer, if Sophie could wear the calming collar. Purrs

  5. Happy to hear Tanner is coping with the chemo. I think you have already hit the nail on the head. She senses something different about Tanner - maybe even thinks it's a different cat because he smells strange to her. I do hope you can find a solution so they can co-exist. Hugs.

  6. Glad to hear Tanner is doing ok. We're purring for him!
    Hope Sophie calms down soon.

  7. We've used the Spirit Essences. The key is to use them a lot and consistently, which the mom doesn't always do. Maybe Sophie should wear the calming collar?

  8. I read this on another blog, but cannot remember where, so can't give credit for what I think is a good idea. Take a soft cloth or sock and rub the face & neck of one cat and then rub that on the second cat. Then vise-versa to transfer "normal" smell. I hope this works - poor Tanner doesn't need any hisses.

  9. Check out Glogirly.com her Nov.6th post was all about that. Hope you can find an answer.
    Marty and Mom

  10. That's sounding like good stuff happening for Tanner. Maybe Sophie could wear a calming collar?


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