Monday, December 12, 2011

Mancats love Christmas

The mancats have been busy over the last few weekends helping get the house and yard decorated for Christmas.  It is less than two weeks away now!
This is the black tree, used for Halloween this year, and moved into the dining room and decorated for Christmas!  Nothing like a good multipurpose tree!  Mom thought she was clever putting the snowman hat on the top!  You may need to biggify to see it better.  We decided to mainly use color our ornaments on this tree...Purple for Smokey, Blue for Devon, Green for Tanner and Red for Mojo.  Mom loves to buy sets of ornaments in our colors and is ultra happy when she can find one for each of us...see below.

^Angel^ Mojo
Here's our family ornament for got it at the beach this year...we love fish!

We have two other trees too, normal green forgot to take a picture of them, but we'll try to get her working tonight :)


  1. We love your tree, it's terrific! And you have two more? Three trees in your house? Wow!! Lucky you!

  2. Oh wow!! Love that you all have different colours representing each of you on your fabulous tree! How fantastic!! Happy Christmas! Take care

  3. Wow, what lovely decorations you have. The mumster likes to get a couple of new baubles each. This year she is "making" something! Oh well, we can bat it off the tree if its silly :)xx

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty tree and ornaments!!!

  5. We think your black tree looks great!!!

  6. You have such a STYLISH tree! We can't wait to see the other two.

  7. We think that is sooooo neat. WE love the idea of using a black tree and all of your decorations really pop. How great it looks and we are sure it is even better in person.

  8. What a great looking tree!! And we like how you did ornaments in different colors for each of the cats!!

  9. Your tree looks lovely, and we like the snowman hat on top.

  10. That black tree is to die for! I was able to "right click" to open pic in new tab. Got a nice big look at all the ornies :)
    Thanks for sharing :)


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