Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tussle on Tuesday

Smokey and Cousin Sophie have been sweethearts from the first day Sophie came home. Smokey used to follow her around and protect her. There is a bit of an age difference, but they don't seem bothered by it.
Look at this adorable goose...how sweet!
Cousin Sophie making eyes at Smokey...how cute.
Love swats...
At least it didn't last long...look how sweet we are being again...Smokey is a bit aloof...can't be too obvious when you like someone...
Another smack down in the making...


  1. They are both so very cute...especially together!

  2. I don't think those are swats -- they are obviously 'love taps'! Smokey is just trying to look debonaire for his lady, Sophie, I think.

  3. What sweet kitties. Brian sent us over and we love your blog so we are now following hugs and nose kisses.

  4. Awww - lovely Sophie and handsome Smokey - what a beautiful couple!!
    Awwwww! Take care

  5. Sophie looks completely smitten with Smokey and we think that is adorable!

  6. We think Smokey's got a girlfuriend!! ;-)

  7. That is too cute, Smokey and Sophie. Looks like you two are terrific friends even with a little whapping. We all whap each other all the time and then snuggle together.
    Thanks so much for the purrs for Lucky.

  8. Looks like she is really giving him the love eyes in the first photo they are together.

  9. Aw Smokey and Sophie are so cute together! She looks at him like Stella looks at Virgil at our house!


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