Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Toes on Tuesday

Today the toes featured are moms. I love to play with her feet! They don't always smell so sweet, but I don't mind.
It's fun to try and grab toes around her feet...it makes playing more challenging.
Sometimes she gets my belly with her toes while I'm trying to play with my toys...this is fun too. Cause then I give her toes a big bunny kick!Sometimes I use her feet and toes as a launching pad...I can push myself off and slide across the floor to get another toy. I love this too!
Other times I just like to lay claim to these toes, so the other boys don't get any ideas...I'm not sharing mom's feet. She's all mine.


  1. Playing with mom's toesies is so much fun!

  2. That does look like fun. Mom, why can't we play with your toes?

  3. How adorable! Tanner is quite the cutie-pie, there, playing with your toes while you're trying to give him a bellyrub.

    By the way, Tanner is on the LOLSpot today in the three hats he was wearing yesterday. Such good LOL-fodder!

  4. We LOVE playing wif toes! And Cricket has taken a B~I~G liking to our Dad's slippers! She's always putting her feets inside them!

  5. Now that looks like fun! When our mom has her tennies on we like to pretend scratch them. It feels so good on our pads.

  6. Beans make such good toys!!!!!!!! If they would just come with nip, they'd be the perfect toys!!!!! Have a happy day. :)

  7. Fun stuff you got going there! Toesies are fun to play with. Mommy loves the bunny kick.

  8. I don't blame you one bit, toes are fun no matter who they are attached to...but Mom's toes are almost always fun!

  9. That looks like lots of fun but I don't think our mum would let us play with her toesies. Her feet are very ticklish and she hates having them touched.

  10. Tanner, I like playing with my mom's toesies too!


  11. Our new Ziggy has decided that The Mommy's toes are just the most fun thing to play with *ever*. He must be learning that from Pixie, those are the only two that really do that. We hope you have as much fun with your mom's toes as they do with ours! :D

    Thanks so much for coming by our Gotcha Day party, we had a lot of fun!

    Purrs and hugs,
    Bugsy, Sassy and Callie
    (and the rest of the Krew)


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