Friday, February 02, 2007

Let It Snow!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but we've had a couple of very light snowfalls. The boys all enjoy watching it snow, and watching the birds eat like pigs! We have a bird feeder outside the back door, and it attracts all sorts of birds...we have been impressed and surprised with the variety!

Here is one of the three doves that we've seen in the yard...they even get up in the larger feeder we have.

But this is supposed to be about birds and the crazy boys in the snow, so let me get on with it! Here are a couple of pictures from the first small snow we had in January on the 18th.

These birds were enjoying the food we had out for them. The snow was really coming down, and looked very pretty, but it didn't stick to the roads to become a problem. Here in the South it doesn't take much snow to completely shut towns down...we simply don't have the equipment to clear the roads.

Here's Pirate enjoying the snow...we put him down, and he just ran around like a crazy cat! He loved it!

Devon was a little more conservative. He wanted to go out, but then once he was there, he was ready to come back in. I was able to snap this photo of him though before he stood at the door.

The other boys were happy sitting in the nice warm house, snuggling on blankets spread on the couch!

Our next snow came yesterday, February 1st...another Thursday. I didn't put the cats out this time because it wasn't long before it switched to sleet and then to freezing rain, and that is no fun to be out in! We've added another feeder to the pole and the birds were wild...we probably had about 30 at a time sitting out there. There were birds there about all day long too. The cats loved it. Here's Sophie and Tanner watching out the back door.

It is hard to see in this shot, but there are birds in the grass all along the fence :) We sprinkled some of the sunflower chips on the porch hoping to get the birds closer for the cats. There were a couple that came up there, but I didn't have the camera ready! By the end of the day, all of that seed was gone.

The other boys, Mojo and Smokey, spent their day sleeping in a nice warm spot! Tanner and Devon decided that they were cold after watching the birds all morning, so they snuggled on the couch was a love fest! I'll close with some snuggle photos.
Here's Mojo, in his favorite bed. He got this as a birthday present when he was 9 years old from PC. It is a Christmas bed, but we leave it out all the time because he is always laying in it!

Smokey loves to lay in the this bed and look out the window. Normally, there is a nice, warm, morning sun streaming in for him, but today is cold and dreary.

Here's the love fest of Tanner and Devon snuggling on the couch...I know you've all been waiting patiently for this photo! Here you go, and I hope it will keep you warm where ever you are! Happy Snow Day!

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