Monday, October 23, 2006


Mojo is now 10 years old...double digits! He has lived with me for about 18 months or so, and is doing fabulous. He likes to 'fight' with Tanner, but I secretly think he just likes hearing Tanner squeal like a girl :) However, Saturday night I woke up to find a couple of cats at the foot of my bed...I sat up to see who it was (thinking Tanner and Devon) and found Tanner and Mojo curled up together! It was a proud moment!

For his birthday we had Sardines on Saturday night, and canned Salmon on Sunday...Fish is the new beef for Mojo! He loved and savoured every bite of food. He would go from plate to plate sampling. Then he would go and rest a bit, then come back for more. He was one happy cat!

Here are a few shots of the birthday boy...not on his actual birthday, as those are still in the camera :)

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